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If the Magpie appears, take this guidance:

This week be aware of any opportunities that are opening up to you, as the Magpie is advising you to jump at the opportunities without doubt.

Heighten your senses this week around any signs or omens as they will serve by guiding you.

Anytime you communicate for this next week, be aware of how clear and straightforward your verbal communication is to yourself and others. And on the other hand, make sure to listen to what others are saying to you. This could be a great week to ask your following questions around what they would like to learn next.

If you have a spiritual business, this week the Magpie will help you pay attention to when and when you are not using your intuition and gifts with pure intention and egoless service.

During this week, take a look inside of you and ask what needs to be balanced. For example: Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Left Side of the Brain and Right Side of the Brain, Spiritual and Mundane.