Alligator Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Alligator appears, take this guidance:

The best way for you to learn is to learn what you already have in front of you. Digest that and then start to learn new knowledge and wisdom. We are all very good at putting so much on our plate that we can never finish one thing because we want to taste everything. You can take the appropriate action and start with one thing and finish it before moving onto the next wisdom/knowledge you are wanting to learn. When you catch yourself doing this, ask for the Crocodile to appear and remove all distractions from completely the current knowledge you are absorbing. You can also ask for the Crocodile to increase your awareness around distractions so you can learn to do this by yourself. 

This is a great time for you to see what boundaries you have and which ones you would like to change/introduce to your life. The Crocodile is also here to remind you to be protective over your personal territory. There is a huge difference between barriers and boundaries and it is important to see what barriers you have set up so you can take them down and replace them with a healthy boundary. If you would like to have more information on that, you can email me and ask for the Barriers VS Boundaries document I have. 

You are now starting to remove resistance to the things you want to manifest in your life, which means time for renewal and new beginnings. There are many ways you can help support yourself with new beginnings, you can meditate with the Crocodile and see what will best work for you, as the Crocodile may have a different solution for you. Some things that may resonate is to hire a mentor to help support you onto the next step of your life or you can see what kind of clutter you have in your house and car and remove it so new energy can literally step in and fill it! You can journal and see how you feel after removing, recycling and renewing things in your life, as you will see a connection to what certain limiting beliefs and items are holding you down and keeping you from doing what you actually want to achieve in this lifetime. 

During this time, the Crocodile is here to remind you not to make any rash decisions. Instead, make sure to have all knowledge and look at any situation from all angles before taking any action. Sometimes without our awareness apart of the equation, we rush into something before taking the time to sit with it and feel how it makes us feel inside of our body. Take time to ask your intuition, the Crocodile and your friends and family members of what they think of a situation as they could have wisdom to help you make the best decision. 

Now is an important time to honour your ancestors, however you are guided to. You can ask for more guidance from the Crocodile. Some examples could be going to their grave(s) and leaving a letter and/or flowers, you could have a ritual to honour them, you can clean, fix, or restore any family heirlooms you or others have, or you can create a piece of art like a painting, drawing, short story, or sculpture.

Alligator Animal Spirit Guide Meaning