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If the Alligator appears, take this guidance:

🐊 The best way for you to learn is to learn what you already have in front of you. Digest that and then start to learn new knowledge and wisdom.

🐊 This is a great time for you to see what boundaries you have and which ones you would like to change/introduce to your life. The alligator is also here to remind you to be protective over your personal territory.

🐊 You are now starting to remove resistance to the things you want to manifest in your life, which means time for renewal and new beginnings.

🐊During this time, the alligator is here to remind you to make any rash decisions. Instead, make sure to have all knowledge and look at any situation from all angles before taking any action.

🐊 Now is an important time to honour your ancestors, however you are guided to.

Best times to ask for the Alligator'sΒ assistance:

🐊 When someone has told you a secret that must be kept.

🐊 When you are nearing the end of a chapter in your life and need some guidance what the next chapter should look like!

🐊 You have hurt someone because you were not staying true to yourself and want to make up for it.

🐊 You have been getting divine downloads to study ancient wisdom and would like some guidance on where to begin.