This guy comes from Inuit mythology and is known to be a giant lone world who would prey on hunters who went out by themselves at night. When an Amarok shows up in your life, it is airtime for you to be more self-reliant and independent. The Amarok wants you to know that even if your obstacles and struggles in your life may seem intimidating but you always have the courage and strength inside of you to overcome them. While the Amarok is with you, you will want to connect to your inner huntsman. 

The Amarok will represent both the positive and negative situations that you have encountered in your life. It is up to you to see the glass half empty or half full, and once you do the Amarok will show up more like that. For example, if you see the cup as half full you will see more positive situations with your Amarok. When you are facing any negative situations, you can allow it to affect and influence you to be passive in your life or you can decide to be a proactive character in your life and be courageous and strong. Which could look like you walking away from this negative situation and into the path of light and love. The Amarok will always be testing you to see which side you are going to choose. Always know that the Amarok wants and encourages you to lean into positive and lean away from the negative. 

Amarok wants you to also be aware of your negative thoughts and feelings towards other people because you do not agree with what they say or do with their lives! These energies will affect you more than you know and it is best to understand that you can not change anyone but yourself. Once you understand this, you will understand what the Amarok is trying to tell you.