Antelope Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Antelope appears, take this guidance:

Now is a great time to ask for the Antelope to surround you in a golden light to serve as protection. While the Antelope is with you, be cautious around anyone with harsh or aggressive energy. If you find yourself in a situation like this remember the golden light and Antelope. Then honour yourself and walk away from that situation. It will serve you better to walk away from situations like that instead of staying and perhaps defending yourself. The Antelope can teach you when it is a good time for you to defend yourself and not. There are times when the other person or people in the situation will not be listening to anything you are saying even if you are being civil. This is a great characteristic to have so you can learn to focus your energies on things that serve your highest good and not waste your time.

If a new exciting opportunity is brought up to you while the Antelope is with you, make sure to take advantage of it! You will truly want to leap at this opportunity. It would be best to make sure it is serving your highest good first. Once this opportunity presents itself, give yourself some time to meditate with the Antelope and see if this opportunity is going to serve your highest good or if there is another better one around the corner. Remember that not all opportunities are equal and it is up to you to figure this out. When you honour yourself by saying no to an opportunity that doesn’t have a high value to it, you are letting the Universe know that you are requesting only opportunities that are of high value and the Antelope can help you with this.

There are times we forget what we truly want or we aren’t clear about it. Take some time to make your intentions clear, so the Universe can hear you and then once you have aligned thought you can start with aligned actions. When you are confused about what you want to receive in life, the Universe also is as well. This is where you can be receiving the sorta good or 75% results you are desiring. The Antelope wants you to take the time to really get clear about your intentions to the Universe, so the Universe can do it’s part in providing for you! Like I mentioned earlier, you will want to make sure that you are taking aligned action to truly have the results you are looking for. When you do not receive what you want from the Universe, just know this is truly a gift itself. You get to reevaluate what you are currently thinking and acting on. If you are not receiving what you want, there is an imbalance in your intentions and actions. You can meditate with the Antelope to see where you need to be crystal clear on your intentions and what actions you should be taking.  

Whatever goal you have begun, make sure to cross that finish line and remember it’s up to you on how long it takes! The Antelope can show you how to take leaps and bounds with goals to make sure you complete them as quickly as you want them to occur but at the same time it is up to you to achieve them! When you work with the Antelope with this, it will start to build the energy of completion around you! This will help you with completing bigger goals you have set out for yourself. You may even want to start with smaller goals to complete them and get that energy of completion around you easier and faster!

If you have found yourself isolating from society, it’s time to reconnect with friends and family. Lots of empaths, if not all, tend to become overloaded with societies energies. This is very normal if you do not know how to manage those energies. The Antelope can help you start to learn how to manage these energies. There is nothing wrong with having to be by yourself to recharge and balance your energies after being with a lot of people, just remember to put yourself back out there. But before you do that, you will want to learn how to manage those energies in an effective way so you do not find yourself isolating yourself from society just to avoid the overload of others energies.

Antelope Animal Spirit Guide Meaning