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Arachnid/Gastropod Totems

If the ScorpionĀ appears, take this guidance:

šŸ¦‚If you are wanting the changes that you are going through to be done with love, grace and ease, you must let go of your temper at this time.

šŸ¦‚This is a great time for you to take the scorpionā€™s guidance to help you remove a lot of toxic habits and a few toxic relationships.

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If theĀ Snail appears, take this guidance:

šŸŒIt is time for you to look around in your life and see where you are working too hard and too fast. The snail is here to remind you to slow down to your natural pace as it will serve you better and you will not burnout.
ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €
šŸŒThe snail reminds you to slow down and smell the roses as well. It is important to have goals set, but there is no enjoyment in life if you forget to slow down and spend time with others.

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If the SpiderĀ appears, take this guidance:

šŸ•·Today is the best day for you to access your deepest wisdom and understand it so you become one with it in your daily living

šŸ•·Keep on the lookout for any traps or hoaxes that you are tempted to get involved with today.

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