Bear Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

Make sure to figure out which bear you are dealing with! They all can help you in different ways!

If the Bear appears, take this guidance:

While the Bear is with you, it is a great time for you to set clear boundaries around yourself. You may want to meditate with the Bear to be crystal clear about the intentions that you want to be setting for yourself. The best way to set a boundary and make it stick is to make daily intentions! This will create a healthy boundary around you. Ask the Bear what is the boundary that you need to be setting when it comes to your soul’s purpose. Even if you are pressured to change your new boundaries, ask for the Bear to give you strength at that time.

It is time for you to ask for what you want, even if that means you may or may not get it. Set your intention about it and stand behind it 100% and KNOW it will come to be at a set date. By setting your intention for this and doing the necessary actions, you will receive the result you want! If you do not, you will want to ask yourself and the Bear if you actually want this result or if you are doing what is necessary to achieve it.

If you have been thinking of a creative project recently, the Bear is telling you to go after it. When you get your creative juices flowing, it will seep into other areas of your life. So if you have been feeling less motivated towards your soul’s purpose, allow yourself to do something creative especially if something has been in the back of your mind! What is stopping you!?

Take some time to give yourself some alone space and separate from your regular routine to bring that in. See where you need to give yourself more love and take some time to see what tea cups need to be refilled during this alone time. Social? Purpose? Health? Wealth? Business/Career? You can meditate with the Bear during this time as well as it will be very beneficial.

When the Bear shows up it can mean that you may be in need of physical and emotional healing. If you are the one that is in need of this, you will know this! No need to be guessing. Meditate with the Bear to see what is the best way to heal yourself is. This is super important as if this is off with you, it will affect your soul’s purpose.

Show love to those you are close to while the Bear is with you. Also, be gentle with yourself and others. This is a time to really take time to bring loving and caring energies in your field which will ripple around you. As you can see there is a theme with the Bear about taking care of yourself first right now! Listen!

If you have been looking for answers to your questions, meditate with the Bear to go inside rather than looking for an outside force. Unless there is a blockage that you can not get passed because you are too close to it, then it will be useful for you to hire a soul coach to help you move past this! Take care of yourself and get your questions answered!

Black Bear:

🐻It is important for you to continue to meditate so you can look further into yourself.

🐻Remind yourself to balance your day with rest and activities.

🐻Remember to be in a playful energy.

Brown Bear (Grizzly):

🐻Stay grounded no matter what.

🐻It is time for you to bring your dreams and plans to life.

🐻Like always it is important for you to trust your intuition.

🐻If you have found yourself hiding recently, it is time for you to come out and show the world who you truly are.

🐻No need to wait for things to happen for you, the best plan of action is to make it happen now!


Bear Animal Spirit Guide Meaning