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Make sure to figure out which bear you are dealing with! They all can help you in different ways!

If the Bear appears, take this guidance:

🐻Today is a great day for you to set clear boundaries around yourself and even if you are pressured to change them, ask for the bear to give you strength.

🐻It is time for you to ask for what you want, even if that means you may or may not get it.

🐻If you have been thinking of a creative project recently, the bear is telling you to go after it.

🐻Take some time today to give yourself some alone space and separate from your regular routine to bring that in.

🐻You may be in need of physical and emotional healing.

🐻Show love to those you are close to today and be gentle with yourself and others.

🐻If you have been looking for answers to your questions, meditate with the bear to go inside rather than looking for an outside force.

Black Bear:

🐻It is important for you to continue to meditate so you can look further into yourself.

🐻Remind yourself to balance your day with rest and activities.

🐻Remember to be in a playful energy.

Brown Bear (Grizzly):

🐻Stay grounded no matter what.

🐻It is time for you to bring your dreams and plans to life.

🐻Like always it is important for you to trust your intuition.

🐻If you have found yourself hiding recently, it is time for you to come out and show the world who you truly are.

🐻No need to wait for things to happen for you, the best plan of action is to make it happen now!