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If the Bee appears, take this guidance:

🐝 It is time for you to sit down with yourself and work out a plan to work on that project/goal/task you have been wanting to start and finish.

🐝 When you are faced with a task that you want to succeed past your wildest imagination, proceed with commitment, diligence and dedication.

🐝 This is a great day to truly smell the roses and show gratitude!

🐝 The bee is here to tell you to stay with that whatever you are working on, because it is a very productive cycle for you with a positive outcome.

🐝 Also during this time you may have ideas that you need to materialize due to a very abundant time for you physically and creatively.

🐝 Bees are also here to remind us to be involved in a community. A community that works as one where they seek out the truth, so all can benefit.