Bee Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Bee appears, take this guidance:

It is time for you to sit down with yourself and work out a plan to work on that project, goal or task you have been wanting to start or complete. Meditate with the Bee to gain more insight and wisdom on what your action plan should look like. Some tips would be to prioritize what needs to get down within this project. Make sure you are scheduling 3-4 times in your weekly calendar to work on this project. See what your biggest distractions are and do your absolute best to eliminate them from your daily life. Then you will start to see all the time you have to work on the project you are passionate about finishing.

When you are faced with a task that you want to succeed past your wildest imagination, proceed with commitment, diligence, and dedication. Linking to the point above this is very key. The best way to keep up your commitment is to create a mission statement. So whenever you feel unmotivated you can visit your mission statement and become pumped once again! See where you can be committing yourself on a daily basis to this project. Find where you can be asking for help to complete this project and where you can set up mini celebratory moments when completing steps in your action plan to keep you dedicated to finishing!

This is a great time to truly smell the roses and show gratitude! It is very true that the more someone expresses gratitude that the Universe listens and will bring more of what they are celebrating! The reason why, is because that is what you are focusing on! Start a daily ritual of writing down 3 things you are grateful for that day and start to see how your life changes around you. Start training your brain to smell all the roses that are always around you every day! This will also train your brain to see all the opportunities and possibilities that surround you on a daily basis.

The Bee is here to tell you to stay with that whatever you are working on, because now is a very productive cycle for you to have a positive outcome. When you decide to take up more space for this project it can be easy for you to contract within yourself and try to run away from it. You want to keep your awareness high around these issues. You could even ask for someone close to you to be your accountability partner to point this out to you. No need to beat yourself up if this happens, just complete a small task even if it has nothing to do with your project. This way you can feel you have accomplished something and give you motivation to accomplish more things! Meditate with the Bee daily to keep motivated!

Also during this time, you may have many ideas that you need to materialize due to a very abundant time for you physically and creatively. This is a very exciting time for you while the Bee is with you! Just make sure that you prioritize all the many ideas that will be flooding towards you once you let them in. Too many ideas can be a distraction itself too. It is best to see what needs your time and energy right now and which ones can wait. To honour the ideas, you can write them down in a journal so you can return to them once you are ready to take action. Keep focused on your one project you are motivated to complete. Once you have completed it you can bring life to all the other ideas.

Bees are also here to remind you to be involved in a community. A community that works as one where they seek out the truth, so all can benefit. This could be a sign for you to start building a community around yourself, take a larger role within a community that you are already involved, etc. Meditate with the Bee to see exactly how you should be showing up within communities to serve others and your highest good. Community is great to have so you can ask for the help of others who have a different zone of genius than you. This links to the point that talked about diligence.

Bee Animal Spirit Guide Meaning