Beetle Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Beetle appears, take this guidance:

The beetle is associated with the sun, so it would be a great time for you to soak in as much sunlight as you can. Also it would be a great idea for you to wake up with the sun and see the sunset as well! You can also look into solar deities in Ancient Egyptian times.

With the sun theme the beetle is a great spirit guide to help you create a new life with big or small shifts to leave some illusions in the past! You may also want to look and see if there is any part of you that you would like to resurrect.

During the time the beetle is with you, you may need more protection than usual, so make sure to ask for the beetle for help and guidance on which ways will best protect you!

If you find yourself isolating yourself, it is time for you to change that and bring in more friends and family into your life. 

Beetle Animal Spirit Guide Meaning