Blackbird Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Blackbird appears, take this guidance:

It is time to let go of all your limitations and belief systems you have placed upon yourself and sing! Sing without concern for how it sounds or if others will disapprove. The reason it is important to sing is because it helps your throat chakra heal and become stronger!

Archangel Uriel is with you today. This Archangel will be watching out for you and helping you connect with Nature and the Nature spirits.

Today would be a great idea to explore the world of sound healing as it may be the best treatment for whatever physical and/or emotional ailments you’re experiencing.

You may notice an increase of signs from the world of the non-ordinary flowing through your life, telling you to follow your true spiritual path and enhance your awareness of the non physical realm.

This is a good time to look and pay attention to what signs and omens are around you.

Blackbird Animal Spirit Guide Meaning