Blue Jay

If the Blue Jay appears, take this guidance:

The Blue Jay wants you to pay attention to everyone’s body language to see if someone is telling you the truth or a lie. If this is a talent that you are wanting to increase in your life this is the time to start focusing on it, as the Blue Jay will be able to help you learn how to read body language faster. Being able to learn subtle body language cues is very important for your business as it can help you understand what is going on without someone telling you directly. This is a great tool to help you in sales, as when you can learn body language you can learn to predict what someone is going to say next.

It is time for you to start deepening your knowledge and wisdom on one or two topics in the spiritual and metaphysical world. Whenever you are wanting to become a known expert in a field, it is best for you to know everything and anything about one to two topics. This way you become the go-to person for this topic because you will begin to create a niche around yourself. If you are not aware of what topics you should be focusing on, take some time with the Blue Jay and ask for the most aligned topics to show up to you. You may be very surprised of what comes up to delight you, so make sure to have no attachments to what these topics should be. A great place to start looking is your main gifts and talents. This way you can start to figure out the best way you can use them and be a contribution to the world. Once you have figured this out, take aligned action.

Whatever situation has appeared in your world that has triggered a fear from the past, make sure to attack it boldly with courage to win! The Blue Jay wants you to remember that when fears show up it is just another way for the Universe to push you in the right direction. Typically when a fear of mine shows up I see what's on the other side of that fear and if it is something that I truly want I lean into that fear instead of moving away from it. Take some time to meditate with the Blue Jay to see what fears are showing up for you as an invitation to lean into them instead of away.

Time to choose one or two of the projects that you have started and complete them! When you start to create energy of completion around you, it will influence other areas of your life to follow suit. This is why so many people say it is important to start your day off by making your bed because you will feel accomplished since you have completed something already! See what projects are calling your attention with the Blue Jay, so you can create an action plan to complete them. Make sure you take action with your action plan!