Blue Whale

If the Blue Whale appears, take this guidance:

You will be receiving a divine download that will be so strong that you will not miss it! Be open to receiving it, to have a better result. With the Whale with you this week, you can set the intention of what kind of divine download you want to receive, especially if you have a question you want to be answered!

It is important to make plans for a project or goal, but it is now time for you to take action and set the intention that it grows with grace and ease. This is super important as we can all use the excuse that the holidays are coming up and we have no time for our business. It is best to keep your business going, instead of having a complete stop. As it will be harder for you in January to get the momentum going again! Gift yourself time to keep your business going during the holidays with the help of the Whale.

When the world asks for your support, make sure to show up and give back. For example, give a donation to a cause you are passionate about. This is the perfect time for the Whale to show up as we are entering the season of giving! It is best to see investigate what organization you feel most aligned too and you can even consider making your donation under your business’s name.

Make sure you are aware of your communication so that you understand what others are saying and they understand what you are saying. This week look at your business and see what it needs and wants are. You will also want to look at where it is lacking for a clue! 😉Remember you are apart of your business and you have needs and wants as well. It may be time for you to write a new mission statement for you and your business. Get as clear as possible.

It is time to read about the Akashic Records and learn them so you can see how it can enhance your life and your purpose here on Earth. There are many Akashic Record Consultants and Teachers in this group! Reach out and see who vibrates with you the best and give yourself this gift! I have always strongly believed that everyone should always have a mentor or coach in your life!