Bull Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Bull appears, take this guidance:

This is a very productive and active time, so allow yourself to get involved in any creative projects that come your way or that you have been thinking of. The Bull wants you to use this time to excel within your soul’s purpose and your business. Give yourself some time to look at those tasks, goals, and projects that have been left in the dusk and see if you need to complete it now or remove it from your energy to create a space for new energy to come in.

There is going to be an improvement to your life, so welcome and enjoy it. Be open to receiving this improvement as you may be interfering with it stepping forward to help serve you, your highest good, and your soul’s purpose. If you have problems with receiving, you will want to work closely with the Bull to strengthen this ability and perhaps even seek out a coach to help you past this hurdle.

This is a very prosperous time for you and you will soon receive an unexpected jackpot. This is something else that you need to be open to receiving. Linking to the first point it would best serve you to see what energies are lurking around you that are no longer serving your highest good, so you can remove them and bring in new energy like an unexpected jackpot. How exciting is this! Of course, if you do not receive this unexpected jackpot you will want to be working with the Bull on strengthening your receiving muscles.

Now is a great time for you to look at all your material possessions you have and release those that no longer serve you! Just like looking at the energies that are no longer serving you, it is great to do a physical purge of items that are no longer serving you. This could be friends and clients as well. Have an honest heart to heart with yourself to give yourself permission to clear out the old energy that is no longer serving you so that new supporting and aligned energy can come in. It is quite incredible how powerful removing clutter in your physical space can be!

With the Bull by your side, he is here to remind you when you are wanting to accomplish a goal to stay committed to it and make moves to achieve it with a steady and consistent pace. No need to rush. Enjoy the journey to the milestones you want to complete or there really is no reason to be going towards those milestones. See where you can bring more enjoyment in your life this week because the more you focus on bring enjoyment into your life the Universe will follow suit.

Bull Animal Spirit Guide Meaning