Cat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Cat appears, take this guidance:

The Cat has shown up to remind you to be independent, trust in your abilities and your intuition. It is important for people to ask for help, but while the Cat is with you, it is a different story. The best thing for you to do to achieve accomplishments is to complete them by yourself, just like a Cat would. One reason why you may have not been able to accomplish goals/tasks is because you may have other energies involved. Meditate with the Cat and see what goals you have that require only your energies in order to be completed. You may want to keep a journal for this subject as what comes forward may not make sense, but later on it will be crystal clear. 

During this time, it would be important for you to enhance your relationship with yourself sensually. You could take yourself out on a date, enjoy touch and physical intimacy and/or slow dance with yourself. If you choose to slow dance with yourself make sure you are doing so with gentle movements that flow naturally through you. The Cat will show you what you are uncomfortable with. This simply shows you what is needing to be healed. If you have more issues with someone taking you out on a date, slow dancing with you, being touched physically and/or being intimate with someone, find someone you are comfortable with to heal this energy into the universal truth. If you do not have a problem with either, you can ask for the Cat to give you advice of how to increase this energy into your life as it will spill into other areas of your life and create more love in and around your life.

The Cat tends to bring spirit guides with it, such as ancestors. These ancestors could be already trying to connect and communicate with you. Ask for the Cat’s guidance on the best way to talk to them so you can receive their guidance and wisdom while the Cat is with you. Listen closely to anything that is being said. If you are scared you are not receiving the information correctly, I can assure you that you are. Also, if you are wondering if it is true or not you can ask the Cat this question, “Truth: Is this information true?” When stating ‘Truth’ before asking a question any spirit guide has to answer with the truth. You may want to pick up a book on mediumship to help you further connect to your ancestors. 

You may notice there is more magic and mystery around your life and this is because of the Cat’s presence. Ask for your awareness to be increased during this time for any signs and omens as they will show up to help guide and support you. Once a sign or omen appears ask for the Cat to give it’s wisdom on the subject as it may shed some new light and bring in a new perspective that your soul has actually been looking for without being aware. Be open to receiving these messages as they will help your soul’s growth.

If you have recently released something or are about to, for example relationships, material goods or limiting beliefs, the Cat will soon help you replace these with new energies that will serve your highest good at this time. You may already have intentions set around what should be showing up for you, which is great, but can be a watered down version of what you truly want. Meditate with the Cat and ask, “What is the best next move in my life that will serve me my highest good?” The Cat will add to your intentions to serve you on a higher plane. Just be open to receive it with no attachments!

Cat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning