If the Centipede appears, take this guidance:

Centipede Medicine shows up to remind you that your uniqueness inside and out is what makes you a beautiful soul and once you truly own it, others will start to see it as well.

It would be in your best interest to have some alone time to figure out what you truly are wanting and needing in this moment. Only by looking inside of yourself will reveal the answers you are looking for.

When you look inside of yourself, it would be a benefit to dig deep for you to have more insight. Whatever you are seeking for, is seeking you.

The Centipede Medicine shows you that you have abundance around you just like how the Centipede has an abundance of legs. One hundred legs! Being grateful for the abundance around you will bring in more abundance into your life.

Another thing the Centipede can teach you is how to stand strong and when to move forward with compassion.

During this time you may receive a new sense of intuition. Be open to receiving it.