If the Cheetah appears, take this guidance:

Don’t be alarmed if life speeds up while the Cheetah is with you because you will move through it gracefully. The Cheetah can teach you to trust in your own abilities when it comes to moving at the speed of light. Think about it, a Cheetah believes in itself to run at insane speeds and at the same time is not afraid of tripping or falling or the speed at which it is running. It does not even think about that, because it knows even if it falls it will be able to get back up and continue at the same speed. If you are afraid at moving at the speed of light, it is time for you to work with the Cheetah to resolve those issues in your tissues. If an opportunity presents itself today, remember to not hesitate and move as quickly as the Cheetah would!

It is important to remember to stretch daily not only to increase your flexibility, it is great for your health. The Cheetah wants you to stretch in many different ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is best to start in one area as how we do one thing is how we do everything. See where you can stretch out of your comfort zone in one of these areas! Give yourself a challenge with the Cheetah right beside you and follow through it. Increase your flexibility in your mind as well, so you can make immediate moves if a situation requires you to change up your normal routine. As you can see the Cheetah is about movement and flexibility and it is best for you to use them together!