Cobra Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Cobra appears, take this guidance:

While the Cobra is with you, it will teach you how to tape into your goddess energy deeper than you could have imagined! One goddess you may want to research is Isis. We already know you have goddess energy inside of you, it is up to you to reconnect to it and use it in your daily life. By meditating with the Cobra you will be able to unlock new goddess energy inside of you, which will flow into your business! This will also help you balance your divine masculine energies and divine feminine energies inside of you! 

You will experience an influx in your intuitive abilities and perhaps awaken abilities you thought you never had with Cobra Medicine inside you. Your new polished intuitive abilities will also help you make decisions you have been indecisive on lately, especially those decisions around your purpose and business! So if you have a question of when to launch something, a service needs to be “retired”, or hiring a new team member, ask for the Cobra to be present with you while making these decisions.

The Cobra is here to support you if an important choice has been presented to you by guiding you to know when it is best to strike, instead of hesitating. There are opportunities that are time sensitive and the Cobra will teach you how to trust your gut knowing when the best time to go for it and which opportunity to take! Ask for opportunities to present themselves this week to practice this muscle!

Anytime a snake species appears, it is a gentle reminder to take a few kundalini yoga classes and journal about your experiences to see what changes have occurred. After all, your health is your ultimate wealth! This week take care of yourself so you can come back fully recharged to give more to your business. When you begin to allow yourself to be drained by outside forces because you are not taking care of yourself, this is how you can start your journey down the path of burn-out. 

Another way to bring in some self-care into your week is to dance around! This allows you to bring in playful energy into your life and enjoy a free-form movement. Energy will certainly be moving in and around your body, which will help attract more playful energy into your life such as new playful clients and programs! When you allow yourself to have some movement within your body, you will unconsciously be releasing energies that no longer serve you. It is important for you to move around as this is a way to release trauma from the body. You can even set the intention before you start your movements to release any energies that are no longer serving your highest good and purpose and replace those with energies that serve you highest good and purpose. 

Linking back to having an influx in your intuitive abilities, this is a time to see what illusions you hold! This could look like your own thoughts and actions, to others you believe you need in your life to obtain happiness or ______ (fill in the blank!) . By removing these illusions you will see a change in your personal life and your business! You can also release these illusions through movement!

Cobra Animal Spirit Guide Meaning