Cockatoo Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Cockatoo appears, take this guidance:

This week give yourself the gift to do something spontaneous and completely different than what you would normally do! When you go out and find something new and exciting the Universe is watching you and will do its best to continue serve you this way!

The Cockatoo challenges you to do something special for someone you love and care for. By spreading love to someone, you will learn how to spread more love towards yourself and your soul’s purpose.

Be open to a new adventure approaching you, where you will be able to learn something new that is important for you! It will be very stimulating and fulfilling at the same time and you will need to be dedicated to this new wisdom that will come through formal education or a self-study program!

The Cockatoo gives you another challenge to go 24 hours without putting yourself down, criticizing yourself, demeaning yourself, or allowing anyone else to do to help your self-esteem. You will want to focus on the good! See how much you say something good about yourself and do your best to keep that habit up! It will keep you more magnetized.

For those of you that are in a loving, committed relationship, just know that the Cockatoo is showing up to let you know that you are with a keeper who is responsible and an affectionate mate. How exciting?!

Cockatoo Animal Spirit Guide Meaning