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Hello! I am Ca Saundra Phillips, the founder and creator of Animal Medicine Woman™. For over 10 years, I have been aligning and learning more and more about Animal Medicine and how I can apply it to my life. Now, I am being called to bring forth a new and fresh energy around Animal Medicine to support you with your life. I have been guided to tap into the new energy of Animal Medicine to help you align, connect, and create a Successful and Profitable Business, not an expensive hobby! You no longer have to play into that story. Since you are reading this, I know you are being called to either:
  • Create a successful and profitable business
  • Transform your ‘expensive hobby of healing others’ to a successful and profitable business
  • Learn more about what is involved in having a Spiritual Business

I have created a series of masterclasses for you to use the unique and powerful medicine of Animal Guides to have a successful and profitable business! One of my BIGGEST passions has always been animals and will always be animals! By connecting with them in the physical and spiritual realms, they have shown me how extremely healing they truly are. Perhaps you can relate on some level? They have a lot of plans and adventures to help you align to your successful and profitable business, starting with these masterclasses!


My second biggest passion is my soul’s purpose; which is helping YOU with your soul’s purpose! I support spiritual souls:

🦄 Uncover their hidden talents and gifts

🦄 Uncover their soul’s purpose

🦄 Connect with their universal truths

🦄 Have the confidence to speak their truth

🦄 Create a thriving business that revolves around their soul’s purpose


If so, then I’m thrilled to share my Animal Medicine for Creating a Successful & Profitable Business Masterclasses!



I am beyond excited to share this new divine wisdom with you!

You will want to jump into this program with both feet if:

🐺 You know you are meant to do more within the world and you are needing a spiritual leader with cutting edge insight to support you to become the person you have always known you are meant to be deep down. This means you will have ultimate alignment to your soul’s expertise, learn how to create needed content for your business, and gain the confidence to show up authentically in the world to voice your truth.

🐺 You have been calling in your next teacher to step forward lately. Especially one who can look past your current struggles to your absolute potential, be able to hold sacred space for you to grow, have the capacity to celebrate your successes with you, and much more! This group is structured to give you the space and support to create a successful and profitable business, knowing it is safe to do so.

🐺 You can no longer ignore that you are meant to do more with your life and need a spiritual leader to provide you with cutting edge insight and easy to-do steps to fully embrace your soul’s expertise with confidence.

🐺 You know deep down it is time for you to embody your hidden gifts and talents so you can start to create endless opportunities for you to thrive because you are co-creating alongside your soul’s purpose through a spiritual business!

🐺 You are committed to finally know how powerful and fulfilling it is to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose, be a great contributor to the world, and make a difference in the world for the better. This is what a successful and profitable business offers you! Of course, you will have an influential soul coach who can hold space for you to manifest your most desired results into the now by choosing to honour your soul’s purpose.

I invite you to breathe all of this into your body and truly feel what it would be like for you to manifest this into your current reality!

While you are experiencing this, perhaps for the first time ever, I will let you know why and how I created this series of masterclasses just for you.

As I have mentioned before I have been wrapping myself in the world of Animal Medicine for over 10 years, which has lead me into becoming an international healer, leader, coach, and teacher. Over those years, I have met so many unbelievable souls who struggle with allowing themselves to show up in the world how they have always meant to, with the confidence to make the necessary changes in their life, giving themselves permission to speak their truth, and of course thriving by living their soul’s purpose through their spiritual business; just like you.

It is always a pleasure for me to work with people 1:1 by helping them uncover why they are struggling with their business and be able to have crystal clarity of what their next steps are to move from having an expensive hobby to a successful and profitable business. These are the moments I treasure the most as they are such pure moments of divinity.

Though, I have noticed a yucky theme pop up after people start a spiritual business; they tend to contract. They start to doubt their abilities and are unsure if they can really do what they are meant to do in this lifetime, which has a huge negative impact on their business!

This lead me to start communicating with my Animal Guides on a deeper level so I can understand why this happens to so many people. The divine downloads I have received to why so many souls contract when they start a spiritual business:

🦉 Fear of success

🦉 Fear of failure

🦉 Do not like being in the spotlight

🦉 Scared to use their talents and gifts

🦉 Scared of the past replaying

🦉 Disconnected from the Universe and their body

🦉 Confidence issues

🦉 Not sure what direction they should start taking actions towards

Which ones resonated with you? Where did you feel that in your body?

When these themes became very transparent I quickly started working with my Animal Guides. The most important question was, “How can I fully support souls who want/have created a spiritual business while also removing any limiting beliefs that hold them back?”

Once asked, the answer came with an assortment of Animal Guides who are ready to step up to the plate to best serve you! They told me, “You are receiving a new channel of Animal Medicine. One that needs to continue on the works of older Animal Medicine Men and Women. It is time the world sees how greatly Animal Medicine can impact one’s life by you embracing and aligning to your new identity ‘Animal Medicine Woman’.”

You may ask yourself, how did I get this divine wisdom?

By always being in communication with my Animal Guides, of course!

No matter where I am in my life, my Animal Guides have always been there for me by giving me the guidance I needed at that time, protecting and providing for me, and always aligning me to the medicine inside of me. I know you have a medicine locked inside of you that is ready to come out, or you would not be here! Here are some examples of how working with my Animal Guides has given me successes:

🦊 Granting me the wisdom and knowledge of my soul’s purpose, which allows me to work with so many beautiful souls and support them with their soul’s purpose.

🦊 Giving me clues to how I naturally work with myself and others. I am sure you can see how this helps me with my soulful business because they have shown me how I am meant to show up in the world without apology.

🦊 The knowingness of when I should be making moves and taking actions on opportunities! AND if there is not a suitable opportunity that I desire, they help me manifest it into reality quickly and easily.

🦊 Learning my key life lessons, which of course are clues to what you are meant to teach to others! This also gave me the lesson of personal responsibility and emotional responsibility.

🦊 Seeing new and different perspectives around any blockages and struggles I have so I can see the bigger picture and move past them. Such as being visible, speaking my truth, showing up as the Spiritual Leader I have always been, having the confidence to be me without apology, and so on. This gives me permission to get out of my own way and serve you on a higher degree because I choose to be the highest service to you.

🦊 Understanding which times throughout the year are most aligned to me so I can have successful launches for programs such as this one, when I am most creative to start on certain projects. This is one of the biggest gifts as I can use my natural energy to my advantage and go with the flow of the Universe instead against it.

🦊 And the list goes on! It truly is a never ending list.

I have accepted that I am ready to teach you what you need to know and process so you can create a successful and profitable business with confidence and with no apologies of who you REALLY are. This program has been cultivated for you to get this and more.

Animal Medicine for Creating a Successful & Profitable Business

Week One: connect with your expertise & easily become the leader you are meant to be with the Jaguar

It can be very difficult to attract your ideal clients if you are no positioning yourself as a leader and expert! Everyone wants to go to an expert for advice and by the end of this first call you will be able to call yourself an expert and become the go-to person! 


Week Two: have instant shifts within your spiritual business by working with the polar bear

This second call is super duper important and will perhaps be one of the most important calls out of all the masterclasses! This call is super juicy and I guarantee that you will come back to this call most of all! I can not wait for you to jump on this call with me! 


Week Three: create your products and services so they stand out and serve your ideal clients with the spider

A consumed customer can not buy from you, even if they want to! This call is all about getting crystal clear on your products and services so that you can attract your ideal clients to your front step!


Week Four: learn the truth about your abundance to change how you manifest money right away with the buffalo

Not only will you learn how to manifest money, you will learn how to manifest anything that you are wanting to create abundance of! In this call we are also going to discuss how to rid yourself of the abundance in your life that you wish you did not have such as but not limited to debt, low vibration people, non-ideal clients, self doubt, etc. 


Week Five: use your time as your superpower to experience time freedom once and for all with the beaver

Time is the only thing on this planet that you can never get back! You can get back money, love, purpose, passion, etc. Time is a non-renewable source and it is best for you to use it wisely. During this call you will learn how you should be utilizing your time to have minimal effort with maximum results!


Week Six: time to attract your soul pack with the alpha wolf

When you know deep down you are meant to be a healer, you have a pack/community of people waiting for you. Let’s not make them or you wait any longer for you to connect! The Wolf is all about community and cooperation. There is amazing guidance locked in this call that will teach you how to attract your Soul Pack to you today!



    The Universe has connected me with this beautiful spirit inside and out! And I am super excited to announce her masterclasses with you as well. You will see how perfectly they fit with mine!

    But first, let me introduce this beautiful spirit to you!

    Michelle Barr is a Business Coach and Mindset Mentor. She helps you turn your life's calling into a profitable, freedom-based business so you can make more money while making a big difference.

    She knows...

    You CAN become a Healer with a Profitable Spiritual Business!

    Do you dream of helping people live better lives, but aren’t making money with your Spiritual Healing Gifts and have no idea how to make that happen? Discover what you need to build a Spiritual Business and get paid well for it. If you’re serious about doing your healing work instead of work that just pays the bills, and you’re ready to create Financial and Spiritual Freedom, her series of masterclasses is for you. 

    Michelle Barr has helped hundreds of Healers, and she can help you. Become the Spiritual Leader and Teacher you dream of being. Create a business with the work that is calling to you and build the life you want to live.

    Her goal is to create insightful, relevant, thought-provoking, inspirational, motivational, educational and informational content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life. If you feel called to serve in a bigger way, if you have a message to share and a story and a journey that you are ready to bring to the world — or aspire to do so, even if you’re not sure how —then she is here to serve you.

    She is a former mental health therapist and hospital chaplain, and even before that, Michelle worked in advertising and publishing. In 2003, she turned her life into an experiment in the Law of Attraction, and Michelle began sharing what she was learning. In 2007, Dr. Barr created a business based on the life she wanted to live and not just what she can do but what she is made to do, and Michelle has been sharing this journey ever since. Her work has grown and evolved as she has, and her business reflects this as much as her life does.

    If your dream come true is to be the Healer you are and get paid well for it, to create the life you want to live on your terms, and spend your days doing the work you love and are called to do, then it is time to connect to her series of masterclasses.


    What Is Blocking You From Being the Contribution You Are Here to Be and Getting Paid Well For It?

    Week One: connect with and claim your spiritual healing gifts to develop and master your craft


    Week Two: create a vision of the life you want to live to create a business that supports and sustains it


    Week Three: shift your spiritual wealth mindset to be the contribution you are here to be and get paid well for it


    Week Four: drop your money story to create a new reality for you and your money


    Week Five: clean up the stuff that is getting in your way to move forward 


    Week Six: make peace with your past to gain power for your future

    Did you think that was all we had in store for you?

    We truly want you to get the best of both worlds and have decided to bundle these Masterclasses for you to SAVE!

    This the best bang for your buck! You will have two teachers who lead their communities to create the impact they are here to create as well as creating a profitable business around it!