If the Crow appears, take this guidance:

The Crow shows up to let you know that you are about to receive what you have been working towards lately. Be open to receiving it. This is a great time to see what your relationship is with the Universe. The Universe is what provides you what you have been working towards. So, if you do not have a great relationship with the Universe, this is a great time to work with the Crow to create a better relationship with the Universe. The Universe is a divine masculine energy, just like God, Source, Creator, King, Father, etc. If you have any niggly wigglies with these as well, it is time to start working on healing your wounds and creating an amazing relationship with them!

Signs and omens come with the Crow’s Medicine to help guide you and teach you. So be aware of your surroundings while the Crow is with you. Signs are always around you it just matters what you are looking for. If you are looking for something to tell you to do or not to do something you are going to find signs. Work with the Crow to find aligned signs! They are completely different and will help you align with your most joyous life path. Set the intention with the Crow, while meditating, that you will only see the signs that help you align to your most joyous life path.

Believe that an important change is on it’s way. The more you believe this, the Crow can bring aligned signs and opportunities your way! Remember when an opportunity comes your way it is best to see if that opportunity serves you and your highest good and purpose. If not, it is best for you to let it go of that opportunity so you can attract a better one! When you believe you have to work with every opportunity that comes your way, you are actually lowering your frequency. Not all opportunities are the best for you so when you say yes to all of them you are not honouring your highest good and purpose. Also, you are playing into a scarcity mindset that you can work on with the Crow.

If you have noticed that there is something out of balance in your life or community, it would be in your best interest to voice it so it can be changed. Not only should you be voicing on it, you should be taking action on it. You may be the leader that is needed to change the thing that is out of balance in your life or community. Work with the Crow to help you with the changes that you see should be made, so that you stay motivated and inspired. You may even want to make a mission statement for yourself, so if you ever do become unmotivated you can return to that mission statement and become recharged!

You can take some time to meditate with the Crow and ask to see your future. You may witness a future event that will influence you. You can always ask the Crow to come forward for you to see a version of your future self. The future's not set in stone and you can work with the Crow to see how you can create certain future realities for yourself and how you can speed that up for yourself. For example instead of creating x, y, and z in 12 months, you can talk to the Crow and your future self to figure out how you can do it in 6 months!