Dolphin Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Dolphin appears, take this guidance:

Dolphins show up to remind us to make the time for ourselves, sit down with our favorite songs and meditate while listening. Us human beings are really good at making time for others and at the end of the day forgetting that we also need to be taken care of. The best way to beat this is to meditate with the Dolphin and make a pact with him. This pact could consist of daily self-care/self-love rituals like baths or massages, asking your friends, family, partners, roommates to help you with the house chores, taking 15 minutes every day to listen to your favorite songs and meditating with the Dolphin or a little bit of everything! You will figure out what is best for you with the Dolphin’s medicine!

During the time the Dolphin is with you, practice listening twice as much as you speak with everyone. This will allow your mind to relax a little more and to be fully present when someone is talking. You may notice your spiritual hearing abilities will be increased during this time as well. You can ask for the Dolphin to teach you how to continue receiving divine downloads from the Universe more constantly. While the Dolphin is with you, you can see which divine downloads are just meant for you and which ones you are meant to share with others. You can even ask the Dolphin the best way for you to communicate this to your pack to be able to give and receive it best.

If you are having a problem with someone, ask the Dolphin to guide you to think and act with love and light towards that person and everyone else. The Dolphin will teach you that only hurt people hurt people. Once you understand this you can see that if you just increase the hurt energy around this person and situation it will never come to a place of love. You have the power to change that up and just show up with love to the situation and person. When you meditate with the Dolphin about this matter, he will show you the best solution for you, as each situation asks for a slightly different thing.

The Dolphin teaches you to be very positive and allow the universe to flow positive energies through you and out to people around you. This can look many different ways. One of the simplest ways is to make a conscious effort to smile more! You will notice people smiling back! Since this is not a common act in today's society, you could potentially be making someone's day with each smile you give. This in return will make your day, because you will receive energy back when you give energy. By learning to give love and receive love back will help you learn to receive more, which will help you receive more insight and open new channels with your purpose, business, relationships, health and wealth.

This is a fun exercise! It’s called Dolphin Breathing! To do this, take a slow and deep breath. When you exhale, make a “Puh!” sound. Do this three times! Afterward, observe how you feel! This is something you can do every time you meditate with the Dolphin. The Dolphin is mainly linked with breathing. Make sure you are aware of your breathing patterns and habits. You may want to add breathing exercises to your daily self-care/self-love rituals. It could look something like this: I am setting the intention that every time I breathe in I am bringing in more positive thoughts and love my way. When I breathe out I am dismissing all the lower vibrating energy to make room for the new.

Dolphin Animal Spirit Guide Meaning