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If the Dolphin appears, take this guidance:

🐬Dolphins show up to remind us to make the time for ourselves today and sit down with our favourite songs and meditate while listening.

🐬Today is a great day to hear twice as much as you speak with everyone. It’ll allow your mind to relax a little more.

🐬If you are having any problems with someone today, ask the dolphin to guide you to think and act with love and light towards that person and everyone else.

🐬Today is about being very positive and allowing the universe to flow positive energies through you and out to people around you. Make a conscious effort to smile more today! And notice how people will smile back and perhaps make their day!

🐬This is a fun exercise! It’s called Dolphin Breathing! To do this you take 3 slow and deep breaths and each time when you exhale you want to make a “Puh!” Sound! And afterwards observe how you feel!