Dragon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

You are coming into a new chapter of your life, one where you’ll be taking more risks and be more vulnerable, but you will be protected by the dragon. During this time, you will also want to seek out a coach to help you move through these energies with ease and grace!

If your passions have been dieing, it’s time to relight the light and bring them back to life! You can do this by meditating with the Dragon! Your passions need to stay alive for you to continue on the path of your soul’s purpose! Your passions are the fuel that keeps you motivated to living out your soul’s purpose! You may need to expand your passions and make them into a greater cause! 

It’s a great week for you to spend time meditating, and you’ll receive some valuable insights and inspiration, especially when your bring in the Dragon. Dragon energy is old and wise, making them a perfect Animal Spirit Guide to meditate with and ask burning questions you have about your soul’s purpose.

This week open up your receiving muscles as you are entering a time of considerable prosperity. You may want to work with the Dragon or your coach to see if there are blockages to you receiving and see how you can heal your masculine energy within. (There is a hint in there!)

You may already know, but the dragon might be showing up for you to remind you of a past life on Earth where spiritual practices were predominant. While the Dragon is with you, you may want to explore these times more and see if there is something that you need to bring from that time into your present time!

Dragon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning