Duck Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Duck appears, take this guidance:

When the Duck shows up it means that this is a time of fertility. This could be a literal or metaphorical thing! Make sure to set your intentions properly to have the best results. You can look back and see what seeds you have been planting in the past months to year and then see if they are ready to grow into something that will serve you and your soul’s purpose! You can meditate with the Duck to see this and also see what the best ways for you to plant your seeds are!

The Duck encourages you to let you childlike self out to play! Give yourself permission to have fun and be silly! When we grow up, we tend to forget to still have fun everyday and make each day the best you possibly can. Ask for the Duck to be with you when you are allowing yourself to have some fun. You can also meditate with the Duck to remind yourself of what you used to do as a kid and bring that into the present.

Any turmoil that has been in your life recently has now passed! Allow yourself to release any emotions you have held onto and been suppressed. Set the intention to bring forward what kind of emotions you want to be embodying. Meditate with the Duck to see what needs to be released, what the best way for you to release it, and what you should replace it with!

Now is the time for you to look for emotional comfort, instead of trying to act tough and not allow yourself to process correctly. Meditate with the Duck to see what the best way for you to express that you need emotional comfort and from who! The Duck can even give you support on the spiritual side of things. It is important for you to show your true emotional self with those close to you so they can help you through this moments.

Duck Animal Spirit Guide Meaning