Eagle Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

Make sure to figure out which eagle you are dealing with! They all can help you in different ways!

If the Eagle appears, take this guidance:

If an opportunity appears itself to you, know the Eagle is there to help take advantage of it quickly! Eagles are masters at taking action on opportunities as they appear. This means you can work with the Eagle to help you learn how to take action when the right opportunities appear in front of you. Also, Eagles will teach you how to succeed with those opportunities so it serves you and your highest good and purpose. The Eagle wants you to trust that the Universe has your back with this opportunity as well because if you do not believe the Universe has your back it will muck up how you receive this opportunity. If you do have issues with believing the Universe has your back work with the Eagle to replace that limiting belief system with the truth that the Universe has your back always. 

A fresh, new start is just around the corner if you have been dealing with struggle lately. Especially if that struggle you have learned a great deal of strength and resilience. Take that struggle and use it as your strength now. Remember what you go through in life is teaching you so that you can teach others! This is truly a great thing for you to go through so you can help others not go through what you have and/or help them through it with ease and grace. This could be a great time for you to meditate with the Eagle and see what lessons you have gone through that have the same theme to them. 

The Eagle was always thought in the native culture to be able to touch the sun, with that thought in mind, the eagle can help you rise above human drama, so you can see the big picture of your life and circumstances with the help of the Eagle’s eyes! You can also use the Eagle to help you rise above your struggles just like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Use the Eagles medicine to rise to the sun to “purify” you and then come back down to the water to clean you and start over again. 

If you have been feeling the nudge from the Universe to connect with your spiritual self, it is time to honour that. Time for a spiritual awakening to happen to you and this it could be the first steps into becoming spiritual or deepening that connection you already have the Universe. The Eagle is a great spiritual teacher as they are one of the few birds that fly the highest in the sky! When you fly high with the Eagle you will receive more divine downloads and insights from the Universe. You may also receive a creative download from the Universe, use creativity with every step.

Be careful what you put out to the Universe because even if it is positive or negative, it will come back very quickly to you. The Eagle helps to speed up results within your life so it is best to work with the Eagle at this time so you receive what you actually want! Give yourself some time to set the intentions you are craving and then taking the appropriate action you need to receive your desired results. 

Eagle Animal Spirit Guide Meaning