Eel Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Eel appears, take this guidance:

You attraction factor will increase while the Eel is with you towards both female and male. Just know that some of this attraction energy will be sexual. Meditate with the Eel to have the proper and appropriate boundaries set in place. This is a powerful time for you to set very clear intentions on the people that you want to attract with you! Trust me, if you are not clear you will be attracting the strangest people in your life!

For those of you that have been curious about taking a kundalini yoga class, now is the time! The Eel urges you to do this and continue practicing it at home as well. This will help activate the divine energy that is at the bottom of your spine. There are many different benefits to this exercise which will affect the other areas of your life for the better.

Pay attention to a spiritual journey that is making its way to you, which will help you align to your divine self. When you align to your divine self this will also align you to your soul’s purpose and help you understand it on a deeper level!

The answer to a question that has been unanswered for quite some time is about to revealed to you. You can meditate with the Eel to receive the answer you seek. If you are too close to the answer, it can be difficult for you to see! Understand that this is very normal and it would be best for you to search an aligned soul coach to provide you the answers to your question.

Eel Animal Spirit Guide Meaning