If the Elephant appears, take this guidance:

It would be a great service for you to make a point of doing something for the young, elderly, and/or those less fortunate than yourself. Elephants by nature are very gentle souls who bless us with their grace and beauty and the Elephant wants you to bring this into your life. See which one speaks out the most to you and make sure you follow through your plan of action. It would best serve you, your highest good and purpose, and the Universe if you are unattached to the outcome of you doing something for someone else. So you can truly step into a selfless act

While the Elephant is with you, it is super important that you don’t allow anything to get in the way of making steps or accomplishing your goals that are so essential to your purpose! The Elephant wants you to continue to move forward with your goals and will help you stay on track. You can meditate with the Elephant to see why you are not attaining your goal as quickly as you hoped for and once you discover that you can look into what is needed of you to achieve this goal in a nanosecond. It is important to look at your energy leaks so you can manage them and attend to them so you are no longer leaking energy.

The Elephant is here to remind you that you have what it takes to overcome any challenges that come your way. Many of us will allow our monkey minds to sit in the driver’s seat and operate from the passenger seat. The Elephant wants you to take back your power and sit back in the driver’s seat so you know you can take on any challenge that is gifted to you. Remember the Universe would never give you anything that you could not handle, it is just your monkey mind getting in your way and you must see that first before learning the lesson in the challenge presented to you.

Trust your intuitions with the Elephant beside you and if something seems off to you take the appropriate steps to deal with it and remove it from your life. This links deeply with the point above as to understanding that you need to remove your monkey mind from the driver seat so you can create your desired results and goals. You can meditate with the Elephant to help you see what is serving and no longer serving you and your highest good and purpose. Once you see them you can make the decision to remove them from your life. Then it would serve you further to know what new belief system, partnership, boundary, etc you are applying to your life from now on, knowing it serves you and your highest good and purpose.

Now is an amazing time for you to reconnect to the Universe and see how you can further build your relationship with it. The Elephant wants you to reconnect and/or build your relationship with Universe so you can receive more support in many different forms. This could be in the form of love, purpose, clients, money, health, friends, etc. It would be best to take some time with the Elephant to get crystal clear on how you would like your relationship with the Universe to be. Treat the Universe like your best friend. Think about how you upkeep your relationship with your best friend and see if that is how you treat the Universe.