Emu Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Emu appears, take this guidance:

If you have been longing for adventure in your life, whether that be spiritual or physical, the Emu is here to tell you to make a plan and put it into action. Only when you take aligned actions will you receive aligned results! See how you can make your business more fun so working on your business can be an adventure all itself.

If something has been catching your attention lately, the emu is here to help you explore that curiosity. When you come from a curious energy, the Universe will be able to surprise you with more delightful results as you are not attached to the outcome. See where you have been thinking outcomes have to happen in a certain way. Release your outcome to it and start to look it through curious lenses. This may help you see where you have been blocking opportunities to step forward that would light you up even more!

A strong, balanced and nurturing masculine energy has or will be soon entering your energy field. The Emu wants you to work on bringing it in faster! Of course you want a balance between your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. If this point is triggering you in anyway it is a sure sign that you are out of balance and you will want to see how you can work with the Emu to have a better relationship with your Divine Masculine. Do you need more balance, structure, etc in your life?

If you have been noticing yourself wandering around more lately, don’t be alarmed! As this is the Emu energy entering your field. While the Emu is with you, you will have an increase in activity and movement. Set your intentions with the Emu and see where you would like to see more activity and movement within your business with a curious energy around it!

The emu is here to remind you to be open to new ideas and possibilities, and proactively put aside any judgement or old limiting belief systems to let in the new with grace and ease. Do not be ashamed if you can not do this by yourself, this week would be a great time for you to book an appointment with your business coach to see where you are holding yourself back and break free from it!

When going through life it is best to stay in a playful and grateful state, as life flows easier during that time. The Emu can help you stay grounded in these energies. The Emu wants to remind you that like attracts like, so if you are in an energy that is anger and in a victim state all the time, what do you think you are going to attract to you? If you are in a playful and grateful state the Universe will bring more playful and grateful energies into your life! How exciting is that! This can affect your business greatly.

Emu Animal Spirit Guide Meaning