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If the Emu appears, take this guidance:

You have been longing for adventure in your life, whether that be spiritual or physical. So the Emu is here to tell you to make a plan and put it into action.

If something has been catching your attention lately, the emu is here to help you explore that curiosity.

A strong, balanced and nurturing masculine energy has or will be soon entering your energy field. Work on bringing it in faster!

If you have been noticing yourself wandering about quite a bit lately, don’t be alarmed this is the emu with you during this time of increased activity and movement.

The emu is here to remind you to be open to new ideas and possibilities, and proactively put aside any judgement or old limiting belief systems to let in the new with grace and ease.

When going through life it is best to stay in a playful and grateful state, as life flows easier during that time. The emu can help you stay grounded in these energies.