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If the Salmon appears, take this guidance:

You may have been feeling pretty low on how you feel towards a goal you have set out for yourself, but make sure to keep your goals and dreams alive and by doing that you will reach it.

Today is a great day to really own your gut feelings, and avoid anyone that is trying to persuade you another way, as they may have a hidden agenda. 

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If the Shark appears, take this guidance:

🦈You are more sensitive today than you realize, so make sure you are taking care of yourself and keeping yourself safe.

🦈Make sure you are allowing yourself to feel every emotion that comes up and allow them to pass you by, just like water floating passed you.

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If the Stingray appears, take this guidance:

When presented with a water creature, it is a good reminder to remember that water has been linked with the Soul many times. Many people believe that business has no soul, but in fact it does. It is up to you to understand your business’s soul and you can ask for the stingray to help. The Stingray is a winner because it has an elegance in the water even with its odd structure. When you learn to do the same, you will be a winner!

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