Gnu Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Gnu appears, take this guidance:

It is in your best interest to start working towards the top two goals on your to do list if you want to start making changes in your life. The Gnu will be right beside you when you start to tackle these goals of yours until you have completely finished them! The Gnu wants you to start looking at your business through the eyes of a CEO! You need to start thinking about what needs to be done and that you have to get them done. Either by you doing it yourself or delegating tasks to your team. Do not wait to be told what to do, just like an employee would do, start aligning to your CEO energy and start doing things that need to be completed. Just like a CEO would do!

If you feel that your spiritual “cup” has been low recently, the Gnu has noticed and is helping you go on a spiritual journey that will fill up your spiritual “cup”. This could be but not limited to, going on a spiritual retreat, booking a session with a soul coach, doing a guided meditation with the Gnu, walking in Nature, etc. It would be in your best interest to meditate with the Gnu to see what would be in your best interest and highest service to you and your business!

During this time, the Gnu will help you strengthen your connection with your insights so you can know when to move ahead or retreat with certain opportunities and situations. It is important not to pounce on every opportunity that is presented to you. This links to the CEO energy I talked about earlier. Not every opportunity is equal and some will better serve you then others. When you actually say no to opportunities that are not of the highest service to you and your business, you are letting the Universe know that you are only accepting the best and making more space for the best to appear.

Be aware of your body language and start to learn how to come across the way you truly want to be perceived. A lot of your body language is subconscious ways to keep you protected and safe. If you have any important meetings in person while the Gnu is with you, do some research on how to present yourself as an open person who is also confident, or however you want to be perceived. It is crazy how much body language can impact your life. 

The Gnu is here to help you move through a powerful change to transition into a new life of grand prosperity and clarity about your purpose. You need to be open for this to happen, have clear intentions and boundaries, and be taking the appropriate actions for the Universe to give you these results! If you find yourself struggling with taking appropriate action or receiving such a gift, it is best for you to work with the Gnu and an aligned soul coach! They are there to help you move into the next level of prosperity and clarity! Which of course, will help you with your business!

Start to look at the abundance around you and know that it is great to share this abundance with others in your life! The Gnu wants you to think about the size of their herds! The number can be endless at times and the herd reaches as far as your eye can see. They always have an abundance around them which makes this Animal Spirit Guide perfect in helping you see the abundance around you on the daily! The more you focus on the abundance around you, the more the Universe can bring it into your life. So make sure you are focusing on the right kind of abundance like aligned clients and divine downloads, instead of debt and people who have wronged you.

Right now would be a great time for you to join a group that matches the vibration you want to be or already are, so you can continue to grow on your path. For even better results, you can partake in the group's activity and get to know others in the group. Just like I mentioned in the point above, Gnu are herd animals and their herds are huge, so it is best for you to surround yourself with a herd you feel aligned to and know has the capacity to hold space for you and empower you at the same time!

Gnu Animal Spirit Guide Meaning