Goose Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Goose appears, take this guidance:

The goose shows up for people to let them know that this is a great time for good fortune. So have your receiving muscles ready and be grateful of all the good things that come your way. If you have poor receiving muscles it is important for you to work with the Goose more closely and book an appointment with your soul coach to move past this limiting belief that you are not worthy and deserving to receive the best from the Universe.

Today would be a great day to call in your ancestors for their guidance and protection, by doing this you will notice a huge increase in your spiritual awareness. You can have the Goose with you when you do this. You ancestors may have the answers you have been searching for!

It is time to change your perspective on some of the fairy tales you grew up on. Read the tales again and see what information you can retrieve from them as an adult. A lot of your limiting belief systems come from what you observed as a child, especially fairytales! See how they have affected your life and how you can change your story! If you are wanting to release these stories for good it would be in your best interest to take Level 1 of The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program!

The goose would love to sit down with you and write a creative and imaginative story/stories with you. They could have been something that actually happened in your life or not! Have some fun! You may even want to write a letter to your future self 6 months from now, where you talk about what you want to accomplish by then, and see if you follow through with it!

You are very well protected, there are times you may not believe this but with the help of the goose and your ancestors you are! This is a great time for you to do something daring. Have a honest talk with yourself and see where you have been holding yourself back from investing in yourself because you believe you are not safe and protected. Now knowing that the goose is protecting you, give yourself permission to invest in yourself today!

Canadian Goose:

Now is not the time to be shy! Make sure to be loud! Sing and chant all the songs that come to your head! When you give yourself permission to tell the world what your soul purpose is with no apologies you will find the Universe gifting you back greatly! Just remember do not do this with the intention as it will prevent the Universe from giving you the and better result(s)!

Snow Goose:

You may be taking a trip today or in the near future to a place you are very familiar with but you haven’t been there in a while. This time take note of what you are noticing, as you will view it with fresh eyes. There could be an “AHA” moment that you will remember and will give you new energy towards your soul’s purpose!

Goose Animal Spirit Guide Meaning