Gopher Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Gopher appears, take this guidance:

While the Gopher is with you, you will want to look underneath the surface, behind the obvious, look for the question behind the question, especially when it involves another person. Your soul’s purpose is meant to grow and evolve, so when the Gopher is with you, you will want to see where you need to dig and go under the surface to learn the next phase of your soul’s purpose.

The Gopher wants to remind you that when you have full cupboards in your home, it will make you feel abundant which will make you attractive to more abundance. Do your best to stock up on water and groceries right now as this will also make you feel secure and comfortable. How we do one thing, is how we do everything! So when you are feeling abundant in one area it will have a domino effect in other areas of your life!

Now is the time to take full responsibility for your own growth. That means to look into your achievements, your errors, the choices you make, where you respond and where you react, etc. By doing this work, it will show you how far your have come! Which is a huge celebration!

When you are working towards a goal, ask the Gopher if you need to take a few steps backward to actually make the forward moves you want to! The Gopher will help you make the correct and aligned moves you are wanting to make with your soul’s purpose.

The Gopher shows up for those that have not had their eyes checked in the last 2 years. If that is you, get an eye appointment soon!

Gopher Animal Spirit Guide Meaning