Grasshopper Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Grasshopper appears, take this guidance:

Grasshoppers are known to take big leaps and bounds as its one of main ways they get around. With this in mind, if you know you have been wanting to take a leap of faith, the grasshopper has shown up for you today to give you the courage to do so! Also it is great to ask for the grasshopper for assistance in this as well, when the universe is asking you to jump! When you take that leap of faith do not put limitations on yourself or you will hinder the results! Setting intentions is good but make sure you are not setting a cap on the intention.

So this leap of faith can show up in many different ways! It could be a change in career, relationship, or a change in yourself. I am a big believer in listening to nudges from the universe and this little guy is here to remind you as well to listen in to what you have been ignoring. Note that scared energy and excited energy are on the same frequency, so if you are scared just changed the energy around.

The grasshopper is also here to remind you that you have a lot of wisdom stored inside of your soul even if you do not believe or know it! The grasshopper could be showing up for you to look inside yourself for the answers. You may not know all the answers and that is okay, the answer may be to ask someone for guidance and help.

The grasshopper also shows up to remind people that all possible outcomes are and can be positive if you set the intention! They help remind us that setting intentions is such a powerful tool we can use in our day to day life and help change a lot!

Grasshopper Animal Spirit Guide Meaning