The Grouse wants you to close your curtains, put some music on, and then give yourself permission to lose yourself in the music. Allow your body to move with the music with no limitations. This can be a very energetic moving and releasing time for you. Set the intention for this dance, such as that you want your purpose to move as freely as you do when you dance. See how your body moves. It could give you clues how to move past a blockage. Also when you move your body it will get the energies moving around you and help you move past blockages!

Now is the time to look into studying the sacred spiral and see what meaning it has for you in your current life. You may be surprised what it has to offer you and your purpose.
The Grouse wants to congratulate you for continuing to step into your personal power. To continue to build your personal power connect with Source and express it though your every action. See how you can continue to work with the Grouse to continue growing your personal power.  The more power you can create, the more you are inviting others to stand in their power! This is all apart of our soul’s purpose to some degree!
Create a sacred ceremony for yourself, where there will be a lot of drumming and dancing to honour Spirit, the Grouse, and you! Since you are choosing to BE in this time, you may receive divine downloads you have been waiting for! Set your intention that any divine downloads you receive will serve you and your purpose to the highest degree.
 Anytime you do a sacred ceremony like this, you are inviting Spirit, the Grouse, and yourself to raise your frequencies and energies which will of course help your soul’s purpose!