Hedgehog Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Hedgehog appears, take this guidance:

Many things may feel like they are going wrong for you right now and the best thing you can do for yourself is to enjoy life to the best of your abilities. The Hedgehog wants you to continue focusing on the positives in your life to attract more of that into your life. Remember what you focus on creates your intention for what the Universe brings into your life. You can meditate with the Hedgehog to create a new intention of what you are leaving behind and what you are bringing into your life. This will help speed up your transformation.

You may not realize but you could be in need of some relaxation to recharge your body and spirit. So take some time away from your regular daily activities to achieve this. It is important for you to listen and understand when you need time for your body, mind, and spirit to recharge. Especially when you are serving others within your community, business/career, family and friends because you can not pour out of an empty cup. Take care of yourself and learn to bring in a daily self-care ritual that supports you. You can meditate with the Hedgehog to receive the best daily self-care ritual suited for you. The Hedgehog also wants you to be out in nature, especially by doing some planting or gardening, as this will help you recharge as well.

It is a great time to be creative for you, so express yourself artistically in any way possible. The Hedgehog is here to remind you to honour your natural curiosity and satisfy your intuition by following up on any divine downloads that are coming your way! Take action with your divine downloads in the most creative way you can think of. You express yourself artistically by dancing, writing, speaking, drawing, creating, cooking, etc. Find whatever helps you express this in the most authentic way with the Hedgehog.  

Even if you don’t realize it, you have a powerful connection to ancient goddess energy, whether you are a male or female. It’s up to you to tap into it!

Hedgehog Animal Spirit Guide Meaning