Horse Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Horse appears, take this guidance:

You may go on an unexpected adventure and will need to move very quickly once its started. This could be a new business opportunity that has recently or about to present itself to you. The Horse wants you to take the reins of your business and move forward with this opportunity! Of course, you will want to meditate with the Horse to make sure it feels aligned before you move forward on any opportunity. Remember though, if you are questioning something, it is an answer itself.

This is the time for you to truly break free from any emotional or physically constricting aspects of your life. When you allow any emotional or physical problems to run your life, you will notice how damaging it is in all areas of your life including your business! Meditate with the Horse and see what the best way for you to move past these issues, could be starting a daily journal to write down anything you want to release, walking in nature with the intention once you are done your walk these issues will be released, hiring a soul coach to help you move past it, or whatever it may be. In your heart, you will know what you need to do. Listen to it and the Horse.

If you are currently going through a rough patch in your life, the Horse is here to help you call in stored energy and strength to get through it! And see it through! There is no need to judge yourself if you have been going through some turmoil in the past little bit. Now is the time to be focusing on the positive to bring more of it in. This rough patch may be linked to the point above and you will have to work the Horse in harmony to get past your rough patch. Remember you need to take care of yourself first. There are times when you need to put other things on the back burner, just don’t do it for too long as it will not serve you and your highest good.

The Horse wants you to know you are so much more powerful than you believe! Time to amp that believe on how powerful you truly are! There is no limits! This month the Horse wants to challenge you to write down as many things that makes you powerful. This will keep you focused on the positive and what you actually want! It will help you move through your rough patch if you are going through that.

You could be faced with a situation this month where it requires you to have a strong warrior presence, balanced with some sensitivity, patience and compassion. So being able to bring both male and female energies of the warrior into your energy field. You can meditate with the Horse to see how you can bring a balance of both masculine and feminine warrior energy inside of you. You can also do some research on the masculine and feminine warrior archetypes.

Teamwork with anyone this month is very important and use their help! Horses thrive in herds as it is in their DNA to stay in herds because they know they are safe in larger numbers. Give yourself permission to allow in aligned people to support you with your business this month! You can meditate with the Horse everyday this month to set your intention to bring in aligned collaborations, team members, etc.


When you meditate and a White Horse appears it means it will bring in protection around you from negative or harsh psychic attacks.

The White Horse can also be showing up as you may be called to investigate other spiritual realms and dimensions through meditation, a vision quest, et. The White Horse will help lead you through this process!

Horse Animal Spirit Guide Meaning