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If the Horse appears, take this guidance:

🐴You may go on an unexpected adventure and will need to move very quickly once its started.

🐴This is the time for you to truly break free from any emotional or physically constricting aspects of your life.

🐴If you are currently going through a rough patch in your life, the horse is here to help you call in stored energy and strength to get through it! And see it through!

🐴I love this one! You are so much more powerful than you believe! Time to amp that believe on how powerful you truly are! There is no limits!

🐴You could be faced with a situation today where it requires you to have a strong warrior presence, balanced with some sensitivity, patience and compassion. So being able to bring both male and female energies in.

🐴It is funny that this one is brought up because when they came, I saw a huge herd run up to me, so this one makes sense. Teamwork with anyone today is very important and use their help!

🐴Also when the herd came up they were being lead by a white horse which brings in protection around you from negative or harsh psychic attacks.

🐴The white horse can also be showing up as you may be called to investigate other spiritual realms and dimensions through meditation, a vision quest, etc, and the white horse will help lead you through this process!