Hummingbird Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Hummingbird appears, take this guidance:

The Hummingbird will teach you how to be flexible and flow with Universe, no matter what shows up. During this time do your best to bring your awareness up around staying flexible and in flow with the Universe! You can even ask for an accountability partner to keep you on track, helping catch you when you are not seeing it. When you start to create this kind of habit in your life, the Universe will be wanting and willing to work with you more on achieving your goals and dreams. This is a huge component when you are wanting to live out your soul’s purpose. Trust the Universe has your back by flowing with it, instead of against it.

It is time for you to enhance love in your life because you are in need of it! This is a great reminder that your natural essence is love and always will be love. See where you can increase the love in your life! Such as where can you bring more of it in and where can you bring more love into others lives! When you are aligning to your natural state of love, the Universe can play with you more easily and give you a helping hand as you are on the right frequency!

You are about to go through an adventure of learning on how to open your heart. This will have an impact on your life by bringing more love into your life. This links to the point above! The Hummingbird wants you to set your intentions to be clear on how you want this adventure to go! Such as do you want it to be done with love, grace, and ease, how long would you like this adventure to take, and how you are going to feel afterwards! By meditating with the Hummingbird you will know the aligned answers to these questions. Of course, the more you are willing to open your heart, the deeper the bonds you will create with people which allows your soul’s purpose to shine even brighter!

It is important for you to have the courage to express your love with no attachments on how other’s with view you, as it will serve you and those in your life greatly. As you can see there is a theme with the Hummingbird, which is love! This is a great time to remind you that you have no control over how others view you, so there is no need to worry and try to control something that you can not change. Focus on how loving you is impacting your life and the ones you love. The right people will accept your new loving energy properly and that’s all that matters!

Right now is the best time to give yourself more self-love, particularly if you haven’t in a long time. The quickest and perfect way to do that is gifting yourself with flowers! This will also honour the Hummingbird as well, especially if you stop to appreciate their beauty and smell their aroma! Of course, you know the best way to give yourself love. It could be but not limited to taking a bath, going to the spa, getting a tattoo, getting a new wardrobe, etc. Give yourself permission to treat yourself while the Hummingbird is with you because it will serve you and your soul’s purpose!

Hummingbird Animal Spirit Guide Meaning