Iguana Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Iguana appears, take this guidance:

The Iguana wants you to create an action plan to accomplish a goal. You want to break down the details step by step, and having celebration times when you accomplish parts of the action plan to keep you motivated! This is something that is super key for your to accomplish your goals! You can meditate with the Iguana and ask what your best action plan is to achieve x! How exciting is that?! This could get you more aligned to your soul’s purpose.

The Iguana sees the struggles and complications you have in your life right now, but the Iguana wants you to set your intentions properly and create aligned actions to reduce those struggles. Struggles are only lessons that you are confused about! Meditate with the Iguana and see what the Universe is trying to teach you with crystal clear clarity so you can move past this struggle asap!

You may feel you are being brought down by the mundane circumstances that surround you, just remind yourself to make the choice to rise above it and view it from a different perspective. Meditating with the Iguana will help you see a different perspective.

Revisit any old dreams/goals/projects that you believed you could not do in the past and start taking action today to accomplish it. The Iguana is ready to support you to start and complete these dreams/goals/projects today! You can meditate with the Iguana and see if you need to bring in other people to help you with this! That could be the missing piece to success!

For those of you that have had a hard fall recently, know the Iguana is here to help you get up and keep moving forward! Seek outside help and guidance if you are struggling hard with this. There is someone out there that is aligned to help you through your struggles! If you were meant to go through life by yourself, you would be the only one on the planet, but that isn’t the case is it? Give yourself permission to have help from an outside source!

Iguana Animal Spirit Guide Meaning