Kingfisher Animal Spirit Guide

If the Kingfisher appears, take this guidance:

During this time with the Kingfisher, when you speak your truth make sure you are clear and concise with what you are communicating. If you are not used to speaking your truth that much, it would be best for you to take some time to meditate with the Kingfisher and figure out what your truth truly is. Once you have figured that out, it would best serve you and your highest good and purpose to practice speaking your truth with a trusted friend/partner/family member so you can begin to become more confident with speaking your truth to whoever! Of course, you can always ask for the Kingfisher to be with you when you are speaking your truth so it becomes more natural and flows with ease and grace from you. The more clear you are with yourself the more clear you will come across with others.

Throughout your time with the Kingfisher make sure you are making time to meditate with this Animal Spirit Guide. Be in a quiet place where you know you will not be interrupted, so you can allow your mind to mellow out without any structure or restrictions. When you give yourself permission to be in this quiet place and inside of your sacred space, this is where you can experience great deep healings and amazing divine downloads. Allowing the Kingfisher to be with you when you meditate and set the intention to allow whatever needs to show up to show up will best serve your highest good and purpose right now.

With whatever project or relationship you are wanting to jump into, ask for the Kingfisher to be with you to ensure that you are confident and eager! You can ask for the Kingfisher to help you release any fears of doubt so you can be successful in your endeavors. When you have a fear that is stronger than your confidence and intentions, the energy will follow through with fear because it is more powerful. Take this time with the Kingfisher to reveal these fears inside of you, so you can start to remove and replace them with powerful and confident intentions of how you want things to work out in your life.  

The Kingfisher wants to challenge you to get daily exercise that involves both cardiovascular and strength training. Remember that your number one wealth is your health and it is best for you to take care of your body. When you start to take care of your body, you are displaying to the Universe that you respect your body and yourself to a certain degree. So for you those of you that would like to have more respect in your life, you have to look within and see how you respect yourself. Once you have done this you can increase your self respect to see the outer world start to respect you the same way. 

You are about to enter an abundant time, so be open to receiving this. You can work with the Kingfisher to expand your receiving muscles to receive even more than you have ever hoped for or imagined. If you do have problems with receiving, you will want to work through this with the Kingfisher so you can start to experience how you are truly meant to receive which is with ease and grace. It would be best to increase your awareness on the kind of abundance you already have in your life and want to see more of, because your intention becomes your attention and that’s how the Universe knows what you want. So if you begin to focus on the abundance of love and money flow in your life, the Universe can begin to provide for you in that way. But if you focus on the debt and lack of love in your life, the Universe will bring more of this into your life.

Kingfisher Animal Spirit Guide Meaning