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The Kite urges you to show the world the true you. Many of us will hide behind masks and fake personas believing that is how we will be accepted in society. When in fact when we allow our true selves out, our soul tribe can come into our lives and support us as we have never been supported before!

A lesson the Kite is here to teach you is to remain calm, centered and grounded at all times. Us humans are very cute at believing that when a crisis appears in our life, it is the end of our world instead of a lesson for us to learn and evolve from.

Right now is the perfect time for you to practice yoga or Tai Chi because they will help you with your breathing and allow you to ground yourself with the slow and gentle movements.

This week may challenge you and if it does ask for the Kite to teach you how to be flexible and work with the changes! Birds are so used to having to adapt to the changes in the wind, so they are some of the best animals to learn from during challenging weeks to roll with the punches!

During this week, honour your body by eating healthy and organic foods as much as possible. You may also want to journal around this and notice the changes and how you feel each day!

6) Each day this week, take time to ask for the Kite to be with you while you do slow, deep breathing exercises. Such as count for 10 seconds as you inhale and 10 seconds as you exhale.