Koi Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Koi appears, take this guidance:

The Koi is known to be a symbol of prosperity because of its golden scales and colorful patterns. Their scales are highly prized and symbolize wealth in gold. It could be in your best interest to buy a Koi to remind you of the wealth around you because they are seen to bring wealth to their owners. When one appears in your life, it is a sign to bring good luck and fortune. It will share its wealth energy with who it is guiding. If you want to take it a step further, the Koi will help you to see all the abundance and prosperity you have in your life, other than just money. This means the friends and family you have in your life, the food in your house, the roof over your head and the list can go on and on! When you allow yourself to see all the abundance in your life, the Universe notices that you are focusing on abundance rather than lack and will give you more abundance because of that! Also if you own any gold jewelry, it would be wise to wear it while the Koi is with you to amply the wealth blueprint inside of you!

Many may not know this, but the Koi is a big fish for it’s kind which means that it is naturally strong. The Koi can swim whenever it wants because of how powerful it is and this is something the Koi can teach you! The Kio is linked to the dragon because of a legend saying that a Koi can transform into a water dragon if they are able to get out of the water. The legend also tells listeners that the Koi is known to swim against the current to the dragon gate and this demonstrates the power and changes the Koi can make. The transformation powers inside of the Koi can be unlocked inside of you, which will help you become stronger through change and allow you stand in your power. If you want to learn more about the dragon, click here.

Koi are often found in calming environments which allows one to enter a peaceful state of mind. Meditating with the Koi will be most beneficial for you as it is one of the Koi’s natural states. When you meditate with the Koi daily, you will also know what your next best steps are to wealth and changes. Then once you have learned all that the Koi can teach you the Koi will say it’s goodbyes to you! While the Koi is with you, you may notice you are more calm and at peace with things in your life. This is something that the Koi can teach you if you ask. By practising the method of relaxing you will notice a release in your worries and stresses in life and be able to focus on what abundance you truly want in your life. Once you have mastered the ability to calm your mind and be in peace with your life, that is where you can use the strength of the Koi to co-create what you to want in your life.

Koi Medicine ties into alchemy because of the transformation powers within the Koi and the gold scales it possesses. Alchemy was viewed as chemistry in the medieval times and was believed to be the way to transform matter into something else. It was used primarily to attempt to change base metals into gold or find a universal elixir. Perhaps they were never able to convert base metals into gold, but the Koi can teach you other methods of how to create gold. The Koi is a highly powerful symbol for alchemy because it’s scales reflect the colour gold and how one can live with gold. Also, being able to transform into a dragon shows how it can change into something completely different. While you meditate with the Koi you can ask questions like, “What are my hidden jackpots?” “What are my best moves to create gold into my life?” “What gold is currently in my life?”

Koi Animal Spirit Guide Meaning