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When the Lark shows up, it is here to let you know that you are entering a time of your life where there will be no worries and you will be surrounded by happiness.

The Lark wants you to look inside of yourself before you go asking outside of yourself for answers.

Whatever task you are doing, small or big, invite the Lark to be with you by softly singing or whistling.

During the time the Lark is with you, be cautious of how you are using your words as they will have a large impact. As they will have great power whether you are speaking in a loving or harsh way. This even means how you talk to yourself.

The Lark wants to give you the gift of your power song. You can do this by sitting out in nature and asking for spirit to give you a song. Allow the melody and the words come to you as you sing, without any attachment to how it is supposed to be.