Lark Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Lark appears, take this guidance:

The Lark shows up to let you know that you are entering a time of your life where there will be no worries and you will be surrounded by happiness. When you program your brain to actively seek out happiness, you will see all the abundance that surrounds you on the daily that is eagerly waiting to make your day! If you have a problem with receiving gifts from the Universe and others, this could be quite the challenge for you. The best way for you to work past this is to meditate with the Lark and learn how to receive smaller gifts from the Universe and others first before moving onto bigger things. You may even want to hire a coach to teach you sacred tools and techniques to help you create quantum leaps in what things you can easily receive.

The Lark wants you to look inside of yourself before you go asking outside of yourself for answers. This is a great time for you to remember that you are the Universe. All the questions that you have can be answered when you are ready, willing, able, and committed to hearing the answer. Of course, if you have an issue with your receiving muscles this could be a challenge to receive an answer from the Universe. If you do have this issue, it would be in your best interest to seek out a coach that will be able to answer the questions that you have and begin to create a new relationship with how you receive. 

Whatever task you are doing, small or big, invite the Lark to be with you by softly singing or whistling. By doing this, it invites the Lark to be with you to encourage you to work on your task with motivation and determination to complete it! When you complete tasks no matter how big or small, it creates an energy of completion around you which will help you tattle other tasks and goals you have set out for yourself to complete! An easy way to begin this energy of completion around you is to make your bed every morning! One small task that creates a huge completion energy around you!

During the time the Lark is with you, be cautious of how you are using your words as they will have a large impact. They will have great power whether you are speaking in a loving or harsh way. This even means how you talk to yourself. Become very aware of what thoughts and words are coming from you. Also, this is a great time for you to set new intentions and mantras as they will have a greater impact than normal! You can meditate with the Lark to see what intentions and mantras would best serve you at this time! It would be best for you to choose 3 new ones to work with. As the number 3 is a great number for new beginnings!

The Lark wants to give you the gift of your power song. You can do this by sitting out in Nature and asking for the Universe and the Lark to give you your song. Allow the melody and the words come to you as you sing, without any attachment to how it is supposed to be. You can use your power song to keep you motivated to crush goals, raise your vibration when you feel low, align to your most joyous life path, and much much more!

Lark Animal Spirit Guide Meanings