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Plan a day this week to spend a whole day out in Nature by yourself! Of course, ask for the Leopard to be with you! When you are there see what divine downloads appear when the noise of others around you and city noises disappear.

The Leopard urges you to pace yourself this week. Make sure to give yourself some time to rest and play! This week see where your ‘cup’ needs to be filled and fill it, so by the time next week shows up you are ready to take on anything!

If you are currently working on a goal, the Leopard will ask you to keep it to yourself until it is completed. If you do reveal it to others you may see an interference with the outcome. You can always feel free to share this goal with close loved ones and your coach as they will support the goals outcome.

During this week, the Leopard will bring an increase of being able to see events happen before they do through dreams, visions, and feelings. Be open to receiving these messages from the Leopard.

The Leopard is also here to allow something that has been kept from you as a secret to be revealed.

6) Throughout the entire week, remind yourself to put as much passion in everything you do from walking to working on your business to loving yourself and your partner. The increase of passion will help increase abundance in other areas of your life.

7) Whatever goal you are working on, the Leopard wants to congratulate you on how far you have come and continue to push with persistence to complete your goal.

8) Linking to a point above, the Leopard will increase your intuition as well. Pay attention and trust your feelings and what your awareness is being drawn to.