Leopard Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Leopard appears, take this guidance:

Plan a day soon to spend a whole day out in Nature by yourself! Of course, ask for the Leopard to be with you to make it rememberable. When you are in Nature see what divine downloads appear when the noise of others disappear. Take your time when you are in Nature, as this will help ground you into your body and the present moment. When this happens, it is easier for you to receive divine downloads because you are present to receive the present. When you spend this day in Nature, you can meditate with the Leopard before, during, and after. You may even want to set some intentions around what kind of divine downloads you want to appear.

The Leopard urges you to pace yourself for the time being. Make sure to give yourself some time to rest and play! These are both crucial for you right now and you need to keep the balance. Now everyone's balance is different, just ask for your awareness around this balance to be increased so you can see it. While the Leopard is with you, see where your ‘cup(s)’ needs to be filled and fill it, so by the time the Leopard leaves you are ready to take on anything!

If you are currently working on a goal, the Leopard will ask you to keep it to yourself until it is completed. If you do reveal it to others you may see an interference with the outcome. You can always feel free to share this goal with close loved ones and your coach as they will support the goals outcome. The Leopard just wants to make sure you do not get caught up in telling everyone what you are doing instead of actually doing it. Make sure you are putting efforts towards this goal on the daily to see the desired outcome you want!

The Leopard will increase your ability to see events happen before they do through dreams, visions, and feelings. Be open to receiving these messages from the Leopard. It would honour the Leopard and the Universe for you to keep a journal around this matter. The more you honour something, the more the Leopard and the Universe can bring more of it into your life! Of course, you are more than welcome to set intentions for you to see certain things that impact your life. You can easily do this by meditating with the Leopard beforehand. As always make sure these intentions are done with everyone's highest good in mind.

The Leopard is also here to allow something that has been kept from you as a secret to be revealed. Now this is up to you if you want to and are ready to find out. As there are times where you may believe you are ready to hear the truth when in fact you are not. So have a heart to heart with yourself and the Leopard before pursuing this path. 

With the Leopard with you, remind yourself to put as much passion in everything you do from walking to working on your business to loving yourself and your partner (if you have one). The increase of passion will help increase abundance in other areas of your life. Remember when you start to really enjoy your life, even if it starts with the smallest thing, it invites the Universe to bring more and more joy and passion into your life! If this is what you have been wanting to see more of in your life, working with the Leopard will really help you.

Whatever goal you are working on, the Leopard wants to congratulate you on how far you have come and continue to push with persistence to complete your goal. Completion is a great energy to have around you so you can continue to crush goals and move onto the next chapter of your life. Meditate with the Leopard and see if you need to give yourself a little award/celebration during this time before you continue on with your goal. Of course, it would be in your best interest to keep the Leopard around you until you have completed this goal!

The Leopard will increase your intuition, so pay attention and trust your feelings. Also be aware of what you have been noticing around you. It could be patterns, people, people's behaviour around you, the way you move, how you are reacting towards something/some people, etc.  See what your awareness is being drawn to and meditate with the Leopard to learn the lesson from it. 

Leopard Animal Spirit Guide Meaning