Lizard Animal Spirit Guide

If the Lizard appears, take this guidance:

If you have been dreaming up a storm recently, it is in your best interest to start a dream journal as it will uncover hidden themes. You may also want to meditate with the Lizard and ask for more information about your dreams and/or buy a book about dreams. When you keep a journal, it is best for you to start writing down your dreams the second you wake up as this is when you will remember most about your dreams. By keeping a journal you are honouring your dreams and the Lizard at the same time and will receive more due to this fact.

Right now, the Lizard wants you to be silent and stationary until it is time for you to make your move. When you make your move, make sure to be fast and productive. It is very important for you to know when you should be resting within your life and when you should be moving. Too many of us will continue to move with no passion behind our moves which drains us even more. If this is happening to you, it is important for you to meditate with the Lizard and see what will best re energize you and your highest good. You can not pour from an empty tea cup.

It is best for you to surround yourself with high vibration people, food, and places because with the Lizard beside you, you will notice that all your senses are highly sensitive right now. Energy management is very important, especially during this time. When you become sensitive to things, this is a way the Universe is telling you that you need to level up the people you hang out with, the food you eat, the places you live or hang out, the boundaries that you have set out for yourself, to removing limiting beliefs so supporting ones can step in. 

Meditate with the Lizard and ask to see your future self, so you can see what you have manifested in the future which helps you work towards it in the now! When you connect with your future self it is very powerful because you get to see what is possible for you. This possibility can be so motivating that you manifest this in your life quicker than you imagined. Just know that you can ask to see a couple of different future versions of yourself because the future is not written in stone. I advise you to only do this with the Lizard if it only serves your highest good and purpose.

The Lizard is here to remind you to listen to your intuition more than your ego and other’s opinions during this time. It can be very easy for you to listen to others opinions when you are thinking about trying something new. Something that you should think of when you seek counsel from others is if they have already done what you are setting out to do. If they have not, these are not the people you want counsel from. You want to be speaking with those that have already done it! You can ask for the Lizard and your intuition to lead you to the people that will give you the counsel that you are seeking.

Lizard Animal Spirit Guide