Mammal Totems

If the Anteater appears, take this guidance:

If anything has caught your attention that something seems out of place or “smells” funny, make sure not to dismiss it too easily.

In order to complete a project or task you are working on, you need to dig in and charge ahead until it’s done.

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If the Antelope appears, take this guidance:

Today ask for the Antelope to show your in a golden light to serve as protection. Be cautious around anyone with harsh or aggressive energy. If you find yourself in a situation like this remember the golden like and then honour yourself and walk away from that situation.

If a new exciting opportunity is brought up to you today, make sure to take advantage of it!

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If the Armadillo appears, take this guidance:

It is time you step into your power and set clear boundaries to those around you, especially those that pushing them.
Now is the time to back away from making progress or try to control the outcome of a situation in front of you.

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If the Badger appears, take this guidance:

Whatever project you have started, the badger has shown up to tell you to finish it with no excuses.
Give yourself the support you need when you need to fight for your beliefs and morals when a challenge appears.

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If the Bat appears, take this guidance:

🦇 It is time to let go of old belief systems/illusions that no longer serve your higher good and welcome the shifts that will bring in the new belief systems that will serve your higher good.

🦇 The issue presently at hand is essential for you to grow and change, and it should not be a surprise the change will be more pointed to a spiritually lead life.

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If the Bear appears, take this guidance:

🐻Today is a great day for you to set clear boundaries around yourself and even if you are pressured to change them, ask for the bear to give you strength.

🐻It is time for you to ask for what you want, even if that means you may or may not get it.

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If the Beaver appears, take this guidance:

Make sure you are using your time wisely with determined and focused activities, instead of procrastinating and easily finding distractions. 

While preparing your time wisely, you also want to prepare time to spend resting and socializing. 

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If the Blue Whale appears, take this guidance:

🐋 Your will be receiving a divine download that will be so strong that you will not not miss it! Be open to receiving it, to have a better result.
🐋 It is important to make plans for a project or goal, but it is now time for you to take action and set the intention that it grows with grace and ease.

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If the Boar appears, take this guidance:

🐗 The boar shows up to push you to complete a project you have started and have not completed yet!

🐗 The Boar does have a theme of completing and facing challenging circumstances, so you can face them head on and find some peace and closure. These circumstances could be situations, people, fears, and/or limiting belief systems.

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If the Buffalo appears, take this guidance:

Trust in yourself and the universe that you will always have whatever you need.

It is a great time to become aware with what you feel you are lacking and switch your mindset to focus on the abundance you have and be grateful for it!

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If the Bull appears, take this guidance:

🐂This is a very productive and active time, so allow yourself to get involved in any creative projects that come your way or that you have been thinking of.

🐂There is going to be an improvement to your life, so welcome and enjoy it.

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If the Camel appears, take this guidance:

🐪Today is a great day for you to truly trust your intuitions for guidance and pay attention to your senses and what information you are getting.

🐪The task you set out for yourself, you have more energy and endurance than you believe you do.

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If the Cheetah appears, take this guidance:

🐆 Don’t be alarmed if life speeds up because during this time you will move through it gracefully.

🐆It is important to remember to stretch daily not only to increase your flexibility, it is great for your health.

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If the Deer appears, take this guidance:

🦌You need to seek out a safe, nurturing environment, including people because you have been involved in some aggressive, negative circumstances.

🦌More than ever, you need to trust your gut instinct.

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If the Dolphin appears, take this guidance:

🐬Dolphins show up to remind us to make the time for ourselves today and sit down with our favourite songs and meditate while listening.

🐬Today is a great day to hear twice as much as you speak with everyone. It’ll allow your mind to relax a little more.

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If the Elephant appears, take this guidance:

🐘It would be a great service for you to make a point of doing something for the young, elderly, and/or those less fortunate than yourself.

🐘Today is super important that you don’t allow anything to get in the way of making steps or accomplishing your goals that are so essential to your purpose!

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If the Giraffe appears, take this guidance:

With whatever you are facing today, this is a reminder to keep your head up, have faith in your and the universe, and trust your gut!

To reach a goal, you are going to have to reach out of your comfort zone to achieve it.

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If the Hedgehog appears, take this guidance:

Many things may feel like they are going wrong for you, so the best thing you can do for yourself during this time is to enjoy life to the best of your abilities.

You may not realize but you could be in need of some relaxation to recharge your body and spirit. So take some time away from your regular daily activities to achieve this.

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If the Horse appears, take this guidance:

🐴You may go on an unexpected adventure and will need to move very quickly once its started.

🐴This is the time for you to truly break free from any emotional or physically constricting aspects of your life.

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If the Hyena appears, take this guidance:

When working towards a goal, it is important to remember to ask for support and help from friends and family.

If you have any children, make a priority to spend some one on one time with them.

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If the Jaguar appears, take this guidance:

🐆 It is important for you to stay on course for a goal/project/task with clear and positive intentions, so you can have a successful completion.
🐆 There will be an awakening and deepening to your psychic visions. Be open to receiving this.

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If the Manatee appears, take this guidance:

It is time for you to look at your eating habits and start to eat more frequent but smaller meals throughout the day rather than 2-3 larger meals. While the Manatee is with you, it would be in your best interest to eat green leafy vegetables.

Take a look where you are rushing yourself to complete tasks as this is doing more harm to yourself than good. Give yourself permission to slow down and you will be surprised that you can still make great progress at a slower rate.

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If the Mole appears, take this guidance:

It is a great time for you to trust your intuition, instead of what you see or hear.

Seek physical touch from others and to touch others. This can mean many different things like hugging your friends and family to showing more affection to your romantic partner.

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If the Monkey appears, take this guidance:

🐒It is a great day to accept the things you have not been accepting. Once you go with the flow of things you will be able to create solutions for any problems showing up and put those solutions into actions.

🐒If any knowledge, either intuitive or logical, comes your way today, be ready to change your course quickly and as necessary when these fresh thoughts come up.

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If the Mouse appears, take this guidance:

🐭 Since the mouse is so small it can see a lot of things in great detail because it is right beside it! So you can use the mouse’s energy to help pay more attention to details, so anything important won’t be left unattended. You can also use this energy to help you find something you have been missing.

🐭 A spin off the first point is if you are missing an opportunity by focusing to closely on one or two activities. The mouse can bring your attention back to where it is needed and what details and/or activities to be focusing on.

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If the Muskrat appears, take this guidance:

It is the best time for you to start cleaning your house, one room at a time. This will help bring in new energy!
Just as it is important to clean up any clutter in your house, it is also important to do that with your mind. Take some time to meditate and see what needs to be removed for the new supporting energies to come in. Seek a soul coach if needed.

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If the Panda appears, take this guidance:

🐼 The panda shows up for you when you are caught thinking there is only black or white aka right or wrong and helps you expand your perspectives.

🐼 If you have received nudges from the universe to follow through with a project, the panda is here to remind you when you have your mind set to complete a goal that comes from your heart, you can do anything.

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If the Porcupine appears, take this guidance:

If you have been noticing that you have been eating unhealthy lately, the porcupine is showing up for you so that you to get back on track. Especially with nutritious and organic green vegetables.

There are times in everyone's life where they fill the push or pull from others to hurry up or slow down. The porcupine shows up to help you know it is in your best interest to go at your own pace. Ask the porcupine today what is your best pace today! Make sure to remove your ego from this question.

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If the Possum appears, take this guidance:

If you have set a goal for yourself, it will be required for you to push yourself a little further than you first imagined. Ask for the possum to be there for you during this time, so the possum can help you stretch yourself without hurting yourself!

Possums are known to play dead to survive. Use this energy if you are needed to act a certain way, even if it is different than how we are feeling! I feel it is a great service to always show how you feel and at the same time it is necessary for us to leave our problems at the door so we can be productive that day!

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If the Rabbit appears, take this guidance:

🐇This is an important time for you to be very creative in every action, thought and emotion and because of this, opportunities will be brought to you and the rabbit urges you to take advantage of them very quickly!

🐇Be very aware today and the next couple of days for anything threatening shows up, and if it does to act very swiftly in leaving that situation.

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If the Rat appears, take this guidance:

All the time, energy and money you have put in a project or investment will succeed.

Remind yourself, that your limiting beliefs are the only things holding you back and keeping you from seeing what you have around you that is ready to be used. It is time to look past your limiting beliefs!

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If the Rhinoceros appears, take this guidance:

🦏 If you are looking to increase your intimacy with anyone, see where you are lacking intimacy towards yourself. From there you can take yourself on dates such as going to the movies or having dinner by yourself.

🦏 Your mind and body are in need of some relaxation, so honour this nudge from the Universe by planning some time for you to have some peace and quiet.

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If the Seal appears, take this guidance:

Have a journal on hand at all times, as you may receive divine downloads that you do not want to forget, because they may be lush and ingenious downloads!

It is a time for you to be mindful of any dreams that are clear and powerful, as they may be giving you messages from your subconscious.

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If the Sloth appears, take this guidance:

Take a deep breathe in and slow down. You will miss out on so much more if you are running around like a chick with its head cut off.
The Sloth shows up to remind you to be aware of your eating habits, as it is healthier for you to graze throughout the day instead of large meals. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It is also important for you to start working out every day, as it not only makes you healthier but it also helps you ground in your body and stay in the present moment, especially strengthening exercises.

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If the Stag appears, take this guidance:

🦌 An opportunity will present itself to you, so you can remove limiting beliefs and make room for new beliefs that will serve your highest good.

🦌 You may embark on an adventure that will be rewarding, because of the growth you will go through during this time. It will be both fun and challenging, while you are deepening your spirituality to a surprising amount.

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If the Skunk appears, take this guidance:

Today is a great day for you really own your truth and don’t let anyone tell you different! Stand your ground when you are speaking your truth and don’t allow yourself to be manipulated or pushed around for it.

During your interactions with anyone today, make sure to make your self respect a priority and offer this to others.

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If the Squirrel appears, take this guidance:

The Squirrel is here to guide you to prepare yourself for changes by removing excess material goods and giving them away. You can also give yourself some breathing room by asking others for help with tasks.

It is time for you to be completely honest with yourself by expressing your emotions and thoughts with whatever challenging situation you are in to overcome it.

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If the Tiger appears, take this guidance:

🐅 It is time to make a sacred space for you in your home, that is completely yours. A place of solitude, where others will have to ask to come in. This gives you space to grow and enjoy time alone.

🐅 The tiger can show up for you to give you a boost in passion and power that will be with you for a long time!

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If the Wolf appears, take this guidance:

🐺Belief systems that no longer are server your higher good are being removed from your consciousness.

🐺If you find yourself being very competitive, look yourself in the eye and decide to make a change to be more cooperative.

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If the Zebra appears, take this guidance:

It is a great time for you to sit down with yourself and look at your reality, to see what is great and what is not. If you can see the illusions that are running your story, the zebra can help you start to shift your perspective which is the first step in getting rid of that particular illusion.

You are receiving a digital download with some amazing knowledge that has been hidden from you until now, because you have been resisting it. Be open to receiving it and you will gain new knowledge!

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