Michele Scott - Our Numerologist Expert

Michele Scott Numerologist, Master Craftswoman and leading expert in the ancient art of Numerology says she didn’t go looking for Numerology. She was looking for answers. Answers to the questions that plagued and intrigued her as a teenager, “who am I?”, “why am I here?”, “what is my purpose?”. Michele is a truth seeker. She has studied many metaphysical modalities, including Tarot, Hand Analysis, Chinese Astrology, and Dream Analysis, but it was Numerology that answered these questions in-depth and began a love story Michele has been writing for over fifteen years now.

Michele believes we are all here to live a meaningful life! “Numerology grants you instant access to exactly what that is,” Michele says, “and through the journey of the core numbers in Numerology you can learn and develop 9-empowering self-behaviors, overcome your intrinsic fears, and grow better in 9-key areas of life.” After spending a couple of decades in the self-help and life coaching field Michele knows what builds lasting happiness – and it’s not found in what we do, or in how we look, or what we own. “It’s about your inner world and a self-appreciating relationship that goes up in value,” Michele says, “when you know, understand, and believe in yourself, you become unstoppable and unafraid to walk the path that has been carved out especially for you, and you do so with ease, grace, and truth.”

Michele has been featured in the local paper, on the Psychic Show with Tracey Vance, and invited to talk about her passion for wellness in mind, body, heart, and soul on ABC Radio & Triple MMM.

Michele creates relationships with her clients and is passionate about wellness and community, hence the natural next step and the creation of Our Wellness Community – an online community facilitated by Michele and in fabulous collaboration with many gifted souls. Michele is a Speaker, Teacher, Reader, and Healer; she’s a qualified Meditation Teacher & Holistic Life Coach and member of IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), Michele is available for personal Numerology Readings, recorded or face-to-face, and runs Numerology Life Coaching Programs and Numerology Courses for those who wish to become Numerologists themselves.

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