Mole Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Mole appears, take this guidance:

It is a great time for you to trust your intuition, instead of what you see or hear from others. Ground yourself like a Mole would do and meditate with the Mole. If you have any unanswered questions, you can ask the Mole for help to connect with your intuition on a deeper level! You may even want to keep a journal around this matter so you can see how your relationship with your intuition is growing each and everyday you listen and trust it!

Seek physical touch from others and to touch others. This can mean many different things like hugging your friends and family to show more affection to your romantic partner. If this tea cup is running on the low to empty side it will start to affect other areas of your life, such as your soul’s purpose. Take this time with the Mole to refill this teacup!

By touching others, you will be getting psychic impressions so make sure to trust the information that is coming through. This will help you build your relationship with your intuition and learn to understand what it is telling you about your soul’s purpose, which in the end will help you align to your most joyous life path!

You are entering a time of self growth and examination. One where you will be seeing illusions, toxic patterns, and old belief systems that no longer serve. Make sure when you are seeing these things to not come from a place of judgement but from a place where you are grateful for seeing these things in the eye! Once you do this, set the intention what new supporting belief systems you want to create around yourself with the Mole.

The Mole is here to remind you to remain grounded during this time because it is essential for your well being. It is necessary for you to be grounded in the present moment and inside of your body to bring your spiritual self and physical self together so you can manifest the results you actually want! How exciting is this?!

Mole Animal Spirit Guide Meaning