Muskrat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Muskrat appears, take this guidance:

It is the best time for you to start cleaning your house, one room at a time. This will help bring in new energy that will serve you, your highest good, and your soul’s purpose! It is actually crazy how much energy gets stuck in your house and the best way to get it moving again is to clean the clutter and reorganize to feel a better flow! You can set an intention at the beginning of this cleaning and write it down, so you can return to it later and see how your intentions unfolded.

Just as it is important to clean up any clutter in your house, it is also important to do that with your mind. Take some time to meditate with the Muskrat and see what needs to be removed for the new supporting energies to come in. Seek a soul coach if needed. This will serve your soul’s purpose to a degree that you can not even imagine right now! It is good to see what your thoughts are and how they are playing out in your life. Everything starts with your thoughts, it’s important to be in charge of your thoughts so you can receive what it is you actually want.

If you have been dreaming recently, you should be keeping a dream journal. By doing this you will remember your dreams clearly and be able to uncover any messages coming through. You can meditate with the Muskrat to have a clearer understanding of what your dreams are trying to tell you. Of course you are more than welcome to request that your dreams answer certain questions you have around your soul’s purpose!

Be aware if you are out of your body for the next couple of days. You will want to ground yourself in the present moment and your body. I talk about this a lot! If you are not in the present moment and in your body, you will have a hard time manifesting anything! You can meditate with the Muskrat to ground yourself when you do not feel present. Hint: If you are running into trees, doors, walls, stubbing your toes, hitting your funny elbow or anything like this, you are not inside of your body!

When communicating with others, it is a great time for you to heighten your hearing and smelling senses as they will be able to provide different insight. This will give you further insight into your soul’s purpose! If you really want to increase these senses, you will want to meditate with the Muskrat for the next little bit, until it feels complete with you!

Muskrat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning