Osprey Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Osprey appears, take this guidance:

Osprey can bring you to high skies, which allows you to see all the opportunities that surround you. When one catches your attention, make sure to dive down and take action on it! If you are uncertain you have the abilities to do this, take some more time to work with the Osprey to learn how to gracefully dive down and take action upon any opportunities that perk your interest. While doing this you can ask for the Universe and the Osprey to bring you easier opportunities for you to dive and take action to increase your self confidence in this area. Once you start to use this muscle over and over again it will become easier and easier for you to jump at any opportunity that lights you up!

While the Osprey with you, you may be craving nutrients that fish can provide. So, do your best to include these kind of nutrients into your meal plans! You can even meditate with the Osprey and tap into your body to see what kind of nutrients would serve your body and your highest good and purpose right now! It is not surprising to hear that your body may no longer need a supplement you have been taking for some time or to hear that it needs to be increased or decreased. Listen to the Universe, the Osprey, and your body to know how you should be taking care of your body right now. Remember that the number one wealth is your health!

Now is the time to treat your body to healthy and organic foods made with love, as your body may be more sensitive to what is inside of it. Start to create a practice of creating and making your food with love. You may even want to bless it and give it some loving energy before ingesting it. This will help your body better digest the food and you will not find an imbalance starting inside of you from your food. If you would like to find a certain intention to say before each meal, meditate with the Osprey to find the best intention to serve you, your body, and your highest good. The more you practice this, the more you will see how much food has an impact on all of your bodies: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual. 

With the Osprey beside you, give yourself some time to allow creative energies to flow through you to manifest a great artistic expression of yourself. The Osprey wants your creative energies to be flowing because it reflects how well your intuition is flowing as well! Both come from the right side of your brain and how one is showing up is how the other is showing up with or without your knowing. If you are needing to increase your creativity in your life right now, ask for the Osprey to be with you to help give you that extra motivation and inspiration you may be needing, or meditate with the Osprey to see what creative projects you can begin to create!

Osprey Animal Spirit Guide Meaning