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If the Porcupine appears, take this guidance:

If you have been noticing that you have been eating unhealthy lately, the porcupine is showing up for you so that you to get back on track. Especially with nutritious and organic green vegetables.

There are times in everyone's life where they fill the push or pull from others to hurry up or slow down. The porcupine shows up to help you know it is in your best interest to go at your own pace. Ask the porcupine today what is your best pace today! Make sure to remove your ego from this question.

The porcupine is naturally very well protected, so it makes sense that you can call for this energy to protect you for today and other days. So you do not need to worry when the porcupine is around you.

If you are worrying that there is a respect issue going around you, just take a deep breathe with the porcupine and know that as long as you respect others with the porcupine energy, they will respect you too.

The porcupine could also be showing up for you in a sense that you have lost trust in yourself and your intuition. The porcupine can help you get back on track with that and perhaps bring in more you for if you allow it!