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If the Possum appears, take this guidance:

If you have set a goal for yourself, it will be required for you to push yourself a little further than you first imagined. Ask for the possum to be there for you during this time, so the possum can help you stretch yourself without hurting yourself!

Possums are known to play dead to survive. Use this energy if you are needed to act a certain way, even if it is different than how we are feeling! I feel it is a great service to always show how you feel and at the same time it is necessary for us to leave our problems at the door so we can be productive that day!

If you are planning to set a goal out for yourself, or already have, it is a good idea to sit with the possum to make a extremely successful plan. While sitting with the possum make sure to also have back-up plans just in case the first plan doesn’t go the way you want it. It can be very easy to quit, so having back up plans helps eliminate the urge to quit so easily.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation you would rather not be in, rely on your instincts to get you out. You can ask for the possum to guide you as well!

If you have been feeling the push to start practicing Tai Chi or another form, this is the sign you are looking for. The possum energy will help you learn to use dynamic and responsive forces as useful approaches in challenging situations.