Opossum/Possum Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Possum appears, take this guidance:

If you have set a goal for yourself, it will be required for you to push yourself a little further than you first imagined. Ask for the possum to be there for you during this time, so the possum can help you stretch yourself without hurting yourself! Goals usually make you step out of your comfort zone and that is where you can grow and stretch yourself to new lengths! The Opossum is an Animal Spirit Guide you can as to step forward anytime you are about to step out of your comfort zone.

Possums are known to play dead to survive, making them great actors. You can use this skill in a different way to support your soul’s purpose. For example, if you are wanting to be an CEO in your business, you need to start acting like how a CEO would. How would a CEO of a successful business answer an conflicting email? How activities would a CEO of a successful business be doing on the daily? By BEING in this energy, it will align you to this energy more and more each passing day.

If you are planning to set a goal out for yourself, or already have, it is a good idea to sit with the possum to make a extremely successful plan. While sitting with the possum make sure to also have back-up plans just in case the first plan doesn’t go the way you want it. It can be very easy to quit, so having back up plans helps eliminate the urge to quit so easily.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation you would rather not be in, rely on your instincts to get you out. You can ask for the possum to guide you as well. When you honour divine downloads that you are not meant to be somewhere or in a relationship with someone, it is important to honour them. This allows the Universe to bring more better opportunities your way.

If you have been feeling the push to start practicing Tai Chi or another form, this is the sign you are looking for. The possum energy will help you learn to use dynamic and responsive forces as useful approaches in challenging situations. This will also help you stay present in the moment which your soul’s purpose needs to live.

Possum Animal Spirit Guide Meaning